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Unscripted Energy!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

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Unscripted Energy Podcast

What a blessing to spend time with Nora Knople and Pat Jones! I love being with conscious and empowered women as they navigate the spiritual, holistic, and wellness planes of existence. 

Every week Nora and Pat have this ritual of choosing a random word for the week and then unscripted, exploring, energetically feeling and flowing with the word. Last week when I knew I would be a guest I recommended the words "Noetic" and "Noetic Experience", I had never heard of the words before but being clair-audient its a frequent occurrence for me that a word finds its way into my stream on consciousness.
When I looked the words up it was fascinating! 

Noetics is a fringe branch of parapsychology concerned with the study of mind as well as the intellect.
The term itself means “the proper exercise of nous” whereas nous (“mind, understanding, intellect”) is described as “the highest faculty in man, through which - provided it is purified - he knows God or the inner essences or principles of created things through direct apprehension or spiritual perception”. In ancient Greek and medieval philosophy, noetic topics included the doctrine of the active intellect (Aristotle, Averroes) and the doctrine of the Divine Intellect (Plotinus).

Something about 'Noetic' experience feels like the perfect summation of my life and spiritual experiences, those moments of inner insight, perception and knowing.

While the word of the week wasnt Noetic, it felt like the perfect word was chosen from the random pile that Pat had, the word of the week was 'Miracle'. And for me, many of my experiences have felt miraculous, if not in the moment then later in reflection. Listen to us break it down and riff around here on Spotify.


I love that we had a lighthearted, open and conscious conversation! It was a pleasure and always is any time I get to share some of these experiences and understandings I have.

I met Nora Knople for the first time at the 1st Annual Michigan Hypnosis Conference, it was such an intimate and open event that I really made some solid heart connections thanks to Dan Goyette. Nora is one of those connections that really means a lot to me personally. That year she was presenting the Knople Protocol, which is a blend of Hypnosis and Reiki, something close to my heart as well. Shes a multi book author, speaker and wonderful teacher! I feel really honored to call her my colleague but more importantly a friend. When we met up in Hypnothoughts Live this last year, she was part of making my 40th birthday really special.

I highly recommend checking out Nora Knople's hypnotherapy and reiki practice, she's a practitioner with a lot of lived experience and heart centered approaches! You can learn more about Haven Hypnosis right here!

What's better than a good friend? A good friend with good taste in friends! This week I finally met Pat Jones face to face after hearing so much about her and her work. Pat has been a cocollaborator for countless wellness and holistic events with Nora, bringing her wisdom with Qi Gong and energy to many in need. Learn more about her and her classes here!

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