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Trauma Healing

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Trauma Healing

I regretted not having taken a before and after photo, it was like years of trauma had melted off of her face and she could finally smile again!

The first time I met with M, she said she felt like her guides/god/higher self had forsaken her. She felt alone, like she was always asking for guidance on how to move forward, heal, and live and it fell on deaf ears. It had been years of feeling lost, disconnected and numb. M had severe social anxiety as she never felt safe, she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. When M wasn't anxious, she was exhausted, no energy or motivation or enjoy anything nor anyone.

We can heal the unwanted emotions, release the pain from the memories, and finally be in the moment enough to feel good! She couldn't remember a time when she felt really good, and that had lasted a long time before IEMT- Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

Trauma healing has changed, it's evolved from where I began working with it and to how I work with clients now. There's no longer a need to relive trauma to heal it. In a previous session, M and I were working on releasing trauma with hypnosis, but she seemed to be blocked in really getting to it. I had wondered if there was fear of reexperiencing it, having to rehash painful stories, or of who she would be without the trauma as it had become part of her identity for the better part of 5 years. Maybe she didn't know how to be herself without it, and that made it feel unsafe to even identify?

It felt so rewarding to see her looking around the room for the pain, the discomfort, and coming up blank when she couldn't seem to find it. It wasn't lost, and yet it was no longer where it used to be. Her eyes sparkled and as she searched the ceiling, I laughed and asked her if it was up there? She laughed whole heartily, I hadn't seen her laugh quite that way before, her bewilderment flowed right into delight!

When I asked her how she felt after this experience with IEMT, here's what she shared.

"My experience with Amanda was awesome…

My experience with Amanda was awesome and it produced results. Before my session I was not able to do much due to years of trauma. Since having my IEMT sessions with her I am able to do more things like getting out the house, painting, drawing and receiving guidance. I am thankful to have someone who has such a willingness and determination to help. You will not go wrong booking any service Amanda offers. She is such a great help and will always be honest with you!"

Are you ready to feel good again? 

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