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Rediscovering the Magic of Reiki: A Day of Healing and Surprises

Sunday, February 04, 2024

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Rediscovering the Magic of Reiki: A Day of Healing and Surprises

Yesterday, I had the extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in a full day of Reiki—a rare indulgence that brought unexpected insights and profound reconnection. The setting was a psychic fair at A Creative Apothacare, where clients booked sessions of varying lengths. It had been a while since I dedicated an entire day solely to Reiki, and what unfolded was nothing short of surprising and delightful.

Spending the whole day in Reiki. Just being Reiki. Something that used to be a staple in my life, somehow got back seated over these last few years. And it wasn't because Reiki was in any way not phenomenal on its own, but rather I had some deeper explorations to make. Now it feels like a homecoming! There were one or two IET-Angel Healing sessions. But even then, it's just been so long since I've spent a day just being Reiki.

If you flashback to 2011-2013, all the way even through to 2016. I spent a lot of time doing Reiki, being Reiki, facilitating Reiki, and teaching Reiki but since hypnotherapy and coaching that had quickly shifted for me, so it was such a surprising and pleasant day, yesterday. And I think, to an extent perhaps I even had felt I had  lost some of that connection that I once had. Its as though I had forgotten the immense benefit of facilitating Reiki that I receive. Just like riding a bike, it all came right back so quickly.

It was deeply pleasing yesterday to have worked on different individuals as they came in just to practice a little bit of self-care. perhaps and they'd had a chakra reading before that and realized that a couple of things were off. I had one lovely lady who had an attachment that was right between the solar plexus and the sacral chakra and it was this inky black-looking little squid creature with suction cups. It didn't necessarily belong to her it belonged to someone else but it had temporarily been attached to her and kind of feeding off her energy, slowly siphoning away her will power, joy, and creativity. It was such a gift to take time and to be able to experience that and to release that because usually, I would do this work in hypnosis. It would be a soul-centered healing hypnosis session where I focus on entities specifically and any kind of energetic attachments or parasites or AI that is attached to the client among other things. I had forgotten my ability to sense and experience them in this way.

I forgot how much we receive as Reiki practitioners when we're in service, and when we give. I had actually gone in that morning with a really sore shoulder as though I had slept on it wrong. By the end of the day, the discomfort was actually gone and today it doesn't hurt at all. So that was a nice reminder of the benefits of Reiki and while I do practice regular self-care at some point I think I had dropped off somewhat.

I do regularly use Reiki to clear my home, especially my office. I often channel Reiki for imbuing things I make, and sending to emergency veichiles when I hear them pass as they rush to serve those in need. Occasionally I will prepare a chi bubble at a distance and with Mediumship, but I hadn't been doing it in the same way for the pets, and my spouse, only when something was really imminently needed did I channel Reiki. Those times aren't times when I'm actively reading their energy, or receiving impressions typically, and I do feel that is something I can re-integrate more strongly at home now.

When I arrived home from the day my spouse commented that I looked 'Refreshed', which was accurate and funny being that before Saturday's fair, I had been feeling tired, especially since I've been seeing more clients than ever before. After his comment, I realized I actually did feel refreshed, reinvigorated even. When I started share with him how I was feeling, he suggested we make weekly use of the Reiki table again, like we used to.

This morning, my senior dog Molly, who's deaf, blind, and 14 years old has also been having some shoulder pain. Molly used to run away every time I would attempt to practice Reiki on her from the time she was a puppy all the way until even about 3 months ago. She would sense Reiki and just wasn't interested as though she knew she didn't need it and she would take flight. The only exceptions were if dad or I or a friend were on the Reiki table receiving, then she would happily curl up into ball between their knees and ankles and sleep.

Whereas most of my other pets and dogs love it they curl up in a ball they love to receive it, sometimes will come and request, not so often because I don't know I got kind of distracted and I dropped off I went into the realms of hypnosis and deeper healing. Doing all that inner child work and parts therapy, Akashic Records, and somewhere along the way I guess I kind of just spaced a bit. Bugsy is our Boston Terrier/Pug mix, and he cannot get enough. He's always first to jump on my Reiki table uninvited, in fact I usually keep my table tucked away for that reason. Even when someone else is receiving, Bugsy makes sure he gets in on the action.

So it was amazing this morning, just as a quick solution to support Molly in that way, that she just was so much at peace with a 15-minute charge up. Even when my spouse arrived home,  usually she runs for the door and she's the first to make it down there greeting my spouse as she howls with excitement. Today she didn't even leave the bed! She was just so in a state of bliss that she couldn't be nudged even to the point when my husband came in from his night shift and went to crawl into bed and could barely move. She still didn't wake just in a state of utter bliss.

There are so many benefits and gifts to Reiki. I think I'll be forever grateful for it for the way that it helped to enhance my abilities, particularly medical intuition. When I took Reiki I was an unconscious and untrained medium, just getting my bearings around accepting I had abilities. That was one of the biggest gifts Reiki had personally gifted me, it was a community that helped me grow in that acceptance and then encouraged me to develop.

I forgot how much I love to put my hands on clients. When I work with hypnosis or coaching it's very seldom that I put hands on clients in a healing or in a holistic way at all. With Reiki when you're doing the hand positions, me being clairtangent and clairsentient, I receive a lot of information, stored energy. And that’s something that I don't receive when I practice self-care, with the pets, or at home often.

There were a couple of clients yesterday who had the impressions of sadness, and when I feel that in the body, I can actually feel it as though the belly is shaking, like when someone's having a very strong cry. And neither client had been aware that it had been there initially. When we talked about it, it made sense to them that it was there and they just hadn't addressed it. It was something they had stuffed down and eventually what happens when we stuff down that sadness is it begins to block our joy. So it was such a gift to take that away for some people to release that. Even one client had a shield in the solar plexus where they were protecting themselves from criticisms and judgments. And while that can be beneficial for a little while, over time, those energy protections that we create, they lose their purpose and eventually they just become stagnant blocked energy. So helping them to release that was really a pleasure as well and to give new ways to manage the criticisms and judgements of others more effectively.

What habits and hobbies do you have? What are passions you've had that you potentially let go of or didn't do so strongly? Is there something that would like to come back into your life? And are you willing to look at it? I think those are some really potent coaching questions that we can all benefit from including me after so many years of coaching and hypnosis and Reiki and being an ever evolving practitioner.

I'm aware that having started in 2011 I have come such a far and long way. So vastly different. And sometimes those things we started with we end up dropping them off a little bit because they seem so simplistic. There can be such a satisfaction and a joy in the simple that we overlook. My spouse validating how I looked when I returned home was another validation that just because something is simple and enjoyable doesn't mean that it isn't powerful or potent or wonderful to work with and has a place in your life.

Just a couple of thoughts I thought I would share with you today. I hope you get the chance to find things like this for yourself. And if not, maybe give Reiki a try. There was so much insight that came through, and validations for the ways that clients live, the movements they make with their body where they place their weight. One lady had extra kind of tiredness on one side of her hip, and the other side didn't and when I asked her about this, she said that's the side she carries her babies on. So indeed the body gets a chance to speak to tell us what it's experiencing.

I had multiple clients yesterday whose bodies work very hard. They have a lot of tension stored and what they really want is to relax, to kick up their feet, to have an Epsom salt bath or a sensory deprivation float, and to be weightless soaking up that magnesium resting, and what a gift to get to hear that from the body.

I had other clients who were holding all of their energy in the upper chakras and the body actually wanted to help them work it through bring it down to the lower chakras the body said 'let's go for a bicycle ride' and 'Let's get better with walking', 'Let's make movement, dance again!' For many clients, the message came through of art, creativity wanted to happen and come through their body. Some of them it was vocal, needing to release and verbally ventilate everything happening just out loud to the air. And for others it was painting, it was redecorating their home, making actual art, putting things on canvas.

So as you sit with your body today, take time check in see if you can feel your energy. See what wants to happen. See what's been happening. And I promise you're gonna get some answers and some solutions on how to balance, shift, and restore your energy. And of course, if you would like some help with that, we can always explore that too.

Bright Blessings,

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