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QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon was a pioneer in her field of Past Life Regression, even after her passing her books are still being published and new students are taught her signature methods!

In the Spring of this year, I became one of those students, taking QHHT Level 1 to learn from Dolores’s wisdom and guidance. Part of the training is to complete 25 complimentary practice sessions as I refine my technique and skills with this style of regression.

Having completed 10 of these already, I am now listed in the directory! You can find it here.

So What Makes QHHT Different From a Past Life Regression Session?

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis session can last anywhere from 3-6 Hours long, Dolores herself used to tell clients “that it takes as long as it takes”! With my strong background as a certified clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal hypnotherapist, I feel like typically 4 hours is enough time to fully explore with you. The first two hours are the interview where I am learning about your life, the patterns and dynamics that have played out, as well as what and who are important to you. We will talk about things that you have confusion, frustration, or want clarity on during this time.

A typical Past Life Regression is usually 90-120 minutes, and a Life Between Lives session is 2-3 hours depending on the client’s goals and depth, in both of those sessions we do not call forward the seat of the Soul as is done in Dolore’s signature style.

Often Clients Come With a List of Questions!

I recommend having a few different categories! Here are categories I found helpful when making my own lists for exchanging sessions with other practitioners.

  • ​Physical- Any physical challenges and what the deeper lessons may be behind them.
  • ​Mental- Blocks and challenges with comprehension, clarity, openness, etc.
  • ​Emotional- Difficulties letting go, moving past, or stuck emotions.
  • ​Spiritual- Experiences that you have not yet explained and need more insight with. What lessons has your soul come here to gain and missions to complete.
  • ​Relational- Understanding complicated relationship dynamics from first impressions to lifelong challenges.
  • ​Career/Vocation- Are you in the right place, need understanding and perspectives about how things unfold
  • ​Life Purpose- We each have those things that we feel called to do, sometimes there are so many we feel uncertain at times, this is a beautiful way to create clarity and direction!
  • ​Mystical/ Awakening- If you are going through your awakening now it can be a challenging time, new ideas/perspectives are needing to be reconciled, and your views on life and the world are changing, this is a prime example of the perfect place to begin to understand these experiences with answers from the Seat of the Soul which most of us do not speak to ordinarily!

In the coursework, Dolores made it a point to say that “Anything is possible!”, she had witnessed many spontaneous healings occur in sessions with clients and as have many of her students as well. So if its on your mind, heart, or within your spirit bring it to the session and we can explore roots and possible resolutions.

After viewing multiple scenes, which could be past lives, current life events, and in some cases even future lives that your subconscious has chosen to share we then move to what I call “Higher Consciousness” bringing through those higher vibrational insights and knowing from the Soul. There is insight to be had throughout the whole process, from the scenes shared and the answer phase of the sessions, one thing I have witnessed consistently is that clients receive exactly what it needed, not more or less than they are capable of receiving at that moment.

There have been many different experiences many even non-human lives! I have been documenting and sharing some of my findings here on TikTok & Youtube. The videos with the blue and purple cosmic-looking swirls are about my experiences and that of clients, the remaining are details about how to prepare for your session, what things may be helpful to know ahead, and other upcoming events and opportunities. If you have questions I may choose to answer them in a video as well, because others may have those very same questions too!

Due to the content of sessions, clients are required to be 18 years old minimum. These sessions can be life-altering and we want that to be the most positive trajectory possible.

Another important note is that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be contra-indicated for those with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and/or a diagnosis that includes elements of psychosis.

These practices are deep, they include experiences that may be triggering and could lead to a very uncomfortable time for those with these diagnoses, and that’s not something that I want for you, nor you for you either.

If you are interested in experiencing a session with me and are in the Northeast Ohio & Akron Ohio area you can schedule a consultation with me to plan and see if it’s a fit for your current needs. Currently, I am able to travel within reason if you can create ideal circumstances needed, or you can come to my home away from home, A Creative ApothaCare, where I facilitate sessions in the Reiki room. To schedule at the ApothaCare simply call (330)439-0444.

For additional questions, schedule below and we can chat!

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