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Past Life Regression Client Insight

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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A beautiful insight from a client having their first taste of a transcendent experience during a private past life regression in the Salt Cave @ A Creative ApothaCare

C-“I’m scared, and the fear holds me back from taking risks, from being me, and really living.”

Me- “What are you scares you the most?”

C- “Other people’s thoughts, feelings, and judgments”

At this point, she was meeting her soul group, a gathering of souls who travel together for the support and growth of the group. Something we each have, they recognized a couple from this current life as well as from the current past life we were exploring.

Me- “What does your soul group say about this?”

C-“That this is the lesson I have been working on, the past life and this one”

Me-” What was the biggest takeaway from that past life on this lesson?”

C-“That other people’s thoughts, opinions, and feelings don’t matter, my feelings and thoughts matter.”

Me” Ah,…”

C-“But I still feel the fear, like I will make a mistake, or I’m not worthy”

Me-“Ask your guide now to tell you about souls, who gets chosen to come and have this experience on earth?”

C-” Souls”

Me-” Are there any unworthy souls?”

C-“No, we are all worthy, and we all come to life because we are”

Me- ” So what does that mean about you? And your soul?”

C- ” I’m worthy! And this is my chance to live, to be myself and take risks!” Their face shifted from puzzled to looking relieved, and voice increased in excitement and passion, and I could tell they just had a eureka moment!

We are all worthy, each and everyone one of us. When we return to where we come from, I define it as Source, we only know true unconditional love and acceptance and so risk, fear, worry of judgment, and self-doubt aren’t present. This is our chance to be fully ourselves, take risks, try new things, you have freedom and the right to express yourself, to change your mind, and to live fully!

Private Past Life Regression private in-person sessions & private group sessions in the Salt Cave @ A Creative ApothaCare are available. Call to reserve (330)439-0444. There are also more public group meditations every Thursday!

Bright Blessings,
Amanda M Dodd

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