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Past Life Regression

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy is useful in releasing deeply seated emotions, bringing to consciousness the reasons for fears and phobias, giving an understanding of self, the soul, and revealing astounding insights into relating dynamics and changing beliefs of varying degrees. It’s a modality that helps even the most stuck clients to release mental, emotional, and even physical impressions, energies, and somatic effects. In bringing to light, understanding, and releasing we can frequently resolve patterns, limiting beliefs, and shift our way of living.

According to Helen Waumbach’s study, where she worked with the data from 26 hypnotherapists using Past Life Regression, the “average percentage reported that 63% of all subjects regressed to past-lives improved in a physical symptom of their current lifetime.”1

Past Life Regression is fascinating in that many different kinds of challenges can be resolved, including relationship dynamics, challenges, and karma between individuals. Frequently knowing previous lives and exchanges between them can help clients have emotional releases previously preventing them from making healthy changes to the relationship for growth, or finally releasing them all together without guilt.

For many, it’s sought after as a last resort after clients feel they have tried everything else, often because they don’t understand or know what this brilliant modality can do for them. Clients can expect this to be a short-term concentrated approach where they will release blocks, resolve challenges, and change behaviors. They will likely feel more relaxed than they have in quite some time as frequently progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and other relaxation techniques are used to help them enter a deeper brain wave state known as trance.

Past Life Regression, here on referred to as PLR, is different from other therapies in that results can occur in significantly fewer sessions, creating a much shorter client-therapist reliance and relationship. PLR can support clients on all levels, mind, heart, body, spirit, and soul, truly an integrative and holistic approach. Clients leave these sessions having a clearer understanding of who they are at the level of their soul, what their purpose is, and where their place is in the Universe.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is significant, in this statistic we see just how much!

  • ​Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • ​Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • ​Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions”

In a PLR session, the Regressionist will guide the client into a trance, once the depth is satisfactory, they will request/guide the client go to a time and place where there is information for them about their current challenge, or that simply comes up for them. Together they will explore this scene and many others, learning about the life, the themes, the way the person lived, and who they were. Frequently these sessions explore how that being passed on from that life and what that transition may have been like, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Viewing the death scene can be a catalyst for resolving fear of death, spontaneous healing, and courage to embrace their imperfection and live to the fullest. It’s a gentle process and the subconscious mind always protects the client’s best interest, showing them only what they are able to digest, in a comprehensible way. Often the death scene can hold deep insights and echoes of energy cast into the current lifetime. Frequently clients feel some apprehension about viewing the death scene, most of this is because of Hollywood’s inaccurate portrayals. What I have witnessed in my clients is that it can be peaceful, make absolute sense of how it affected who they are now and how they became this way, and usually release them from other incongruent beliefs they have learned from societal and cultural dogmas. While viewing the death scene isn’t required, it has a myriad of benefits with no risks or negative consequences, and more often than not clients experience transcendence.

There can be multiple ways into a past life regression, one is called the Affect Bridge, where we have a client describe a challenge where there are noticeable emotions, behaviors, and sensations that they are identifying with. Just like a bridge, the clients can move through time and space on this bridge following the feelings or sensations back to another time, earlier, when they have felt this before, and then sit in awareness of what they hear/see/feel/know.

For my clients, I have only witnessed positive, helpful, and healing changes take place, regardless of how traumatic the life and or death scenes were. It’s a healing catalyst beyond any others I have witnessed, and I have yet to experience a client have any negative effects whatsoever. Each session is client-centered and supportive, navigating through this work with a well-trained professional means they are making the correct steps and decisions to help you gain the most optimum results.

Imagine walking into a spider’s web, and not feeling it, but having these delicate silk strings pulling you back in various directions as you move through life. PLR is about untangling, dissolving, and releasing those tethers freeing you up to live to the highest potential possible.

Through this process, it is possible to have memories surface, and they can be explored from a different and non-invasive perspective. Giving the client an ability to truly understand, experience, and reflect in a way they were unable to before, thus frequently yielding catharsis and greater inner peace.

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Reincarnation is the concept that our souls return from life to life in the momentum of self-perfecting, to one day merge with the Source. This doesn’t mean that we are imperfect, we experience these lives to learn, experience firsthand, and grow. It is not a requirement for the client or facilitator to hold a belief in reincarnation, however, what I am finding is that through doing this work my beliefs have fundamentally changed over time and with differing experiences.

PLR has had some controversy around it in that there can be the uncertainty of whether a past life is real, fantasy, or a figment of the client’s imagination. The question is are past life experiences real? One reason that past lives feel imaginary is that we are using the same centers of the brain to view them, thus giving us that familiar feeling. Through having my own experiences, something I have come to learn is that if I were to imagine or make up an experience, I would have made a far better story, with a different more ideal outcome, so if you were making it up wouldn’t you have chosen differently too? One where you are the victor and have earned your way to wholeness or perfection. Nonetheless what we see is that the experiences are always meaningful to the client’s current circumstances in a way that could not have been fathomed, even to the most intricate detail.

Memory is not of 100% accuracy, even when we recall things from this life we often recall them differently from how others do, and from how they happened. As a result of how we were receiving the data through our senses and how we felt in the moment based on beliefs is how we will remember the scenes. The same is true of past life experiences.

Another factor is the subconscious mind, the part of the mind that holds our beliefs, those things that we value, and how we move through life with our survival at the forefront of our priority. The subconscious mind plays a role in how we see/hear/feel/know our past experiences. With our well-being of the utmost significance, the images and symbols we see are portrayed in a way that we can recognize and accept.

How is it that multiple people have had the same famous past life experiences, such as Cleopatra for example? Fascinating concept to explore, one with which I have had personal experience! Previously I thought perhaps I might have had a past life as Cleopatra, stay with me for a moment as I begin to share my reasons why with you.

From the earliest time in my ‘this’ life memories that I can recall there are a few key things I have held a passionate interest and love for, as well as fear of. I had a long-held fear of snakes from the time I was in elementary school, and yet I had never had a bad experience with one. I’ve always had a love for belly dancing, even from age 2 when I would strip down and wear my grandmother’s costume jewelry and dance, my body doing something it remembered so well and yet I had not the words to explain.

Having beautiful bright green eyes, I often have been told throughout my lifetime that I look like Cleopatra, who like me kept ferrets for pets and disliked snakes. Part of the reason she kept ferrets was because they are a natural predator of snakes. I got my first ferret before my seventh birthday and still have them as pets to this very day.

The first time I encountered a snake I physically froze and tears began to run down my face, all I knew at that moment was overwhelming fear and sadness. This grew over time to be a full-on phobia of mine, and in my young adulthood, I sought to overcome it. I began to visit, even work at pet stores to practice seeing them and managing my reactions. At one point I even owned a pet sand boa to slowly desensitize myself, which worked but only to a certain degree. My fear was so significant that I would refuse to walk barefoot anywhere where snakes may be, including in the grass in my backyard where my dogs love to play.

From a single-digit age right up till nearly my 39th birthday when I received my first QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session, a style of Past Life Regression by Dolores Cannon, I would have vivid night terrors and dreams of snakes. Often I would dream of them as omens, of something coming to protect myself from, and other times it was like I was reliving the moment of my death unconsciously. So life like that frequently I would jump out of bed startled, crying or screaming, and begin stripping down the bed in the night looking for them. My ever-so-loving spouse can easily recall this happening repeatedly throughout our marriage as he would calm me down and help me see that I was ‘dreaming’.

In my session, I viewed a life in Egypt, where I was of Lemurian descent and fled for safety and a life of service. I was non-human, which is a whole other curiosity, and yet behaved like a human being with out-of-this-world healing abilities. I was a species of Cat person which I now know is referred to as the Hathors. In that life peasants, the ill, and slaves would line up for miles to come to see me and I would heal them, empower them, and free them from their aisles. This unfortunately created some very real hostility towards me, and I could see the group of ‘Masters’, owners, and upper-class society who deemed me as a threat. One evening I returned after a long day of serving in the temple to find a large woven basket, curious I took off the lid and saw it filled with snakes, in fear I had knocked it over. As I ran to escape them I climbed onto the four-post bed, trying to be out of contact. Sadly my demise was having been bitten by multiple poisonous snakes, and later found by my beloved bodyguard and protector who is my husband in this life.

It was a lot to think about over the next while, and healing with hypnosis can be immensely subtle! Without thinking, I was playing with the dogs in the grass the very next day, barefoot! I had not even noticed, it was my spouse that pointed it out, and instead of being in fear I just shrugged and delighted in the feeling of the grass between my toes.

It wasn’t until nearly 6 months later that I realized I had been completely free of not only the phobia but also the night terrors! Not a single time have I woken up out of bed looking for snakes.

So no, I was not Cleopatra but when I learned about her life as a child there was an inner resonance that was unshakeable and it was because of the remaining essence from my life in Egypt that I identified with her. Cleopatra was the closest thing I had encountered that felt so much like home. This can be happening for many, or perhaps another possibility is the way that Dolores Cannon explains it.

In my QHHT training, I had learned that Past Life experiences can be shared as a blueprint, one that holds data that may help us in the current incarnation. Just like copying a file, we also hold these energetic copies of famous past lives for their insights and understanding. For those who work with the Akashic Records, this is not new information and has been validated there too!

My biggest takeaway is that my clients get results from their Past Life Regression sessions. Whether we can prove past lives, which many wonderful researchers and Dr.s have, or not, we can move forward successfully and live the way we desire, and that’s what I care about most.

What might you resolve, heal, and discover on your journey into Past Lives?

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