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Moment of Mindfulness

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

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Moment of Minfulness

Nearly every day I share tiny little videos on Instagram, usually about a minute long. Today I’m sharing something different and thought it would be fun to share here too, for you! 

Today isn’t the typical summer day in Ohio, its gloomy, dreary and overcast with rain. My preferred mindfulness practice is usually outside with nature, the sunshine, maybe my feet in the grass! So what happens when the typical go to solutions aren’t an appealing or viable option? We find new ways!

An older and favored way of returning to myself is art, zentanlges, watercolor painting, you name it and I've likely had my fingers in it! So today I return to an old treasured practice and have chosen to share it here with you.

Above and beyond this, I am offering a FREE Toe Reading session, the drawing is taking place over the next few days and all comments on this post and my social media accounts equal an entry to win.

Here’s my moment of mindfulness today! I would love to hear about what things you do to cultivate more presence, reduce stress and anxiety, and have a more satisfying day, please to let me know by commenting below or sending me an email!


I’m doing a drawing to give away a FREE Toe Reading consultation, enter in by commenting on this video on any of my social media accounts. I will announce when I’m drawing, who the lucky winner is and the Toe Reading will be scheduled! This is a virtual session that can be done for you anywhere you are in the world! Every comment counts as one entry.

Toe Readings are an amazing dynamic style of coaching sessions that really gets to the truth of how we step into our lives each day. Our toes actually change from day to day, it’s like a living blueprint of how we communicate, relate, think, and feel about all the elements of our lives.

Your toes will actually show and tell where you can become more in alignment with your goals, what patterns and archetypes are present and waiting to be claimed for you to be more empowered and present in your life! A really soleful way to become more mindful and soulful!

Curious to know what truths your toes are telling? Comment to be put in the drawing!

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