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Luke Michael Howard - On Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic Art of Huna

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Luke Michael Howard - On Ancient Hawaiian Shamanistic Art of Huna

Welcome back to Trauma & Transcendence! Join us on June 13th for an deep conversation with Luke Howard, an IEMT practitioner, Huna energy worker and Clinical Hypnotist, as he shares his journey of overcoming trauma and healing others in their moments of last resort.

Episode Details
Date: June 13th
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Platform: Spotify

Guest Bio:

Luke Michael Howard is a Clinical Hypnotist and owner of LUKEnosis Hypnosis. He has been a Clinical Hypnotist almost 25 years.

After watching he’s father sufferer from a young age and ultimately die from alcoholism. He watched the way he’s mother dealt with it or didn’t as the case may be. Watching her go through rage, depression, shame, guilt, loneliness and ultimately numbness.

This left such an emotional imprint on Luke that he decided to become straight edge and dedicated much of he’s career to helping professional women going through there own struggles with binge drinking quit for good!

He has helped over 10,000 clients that have been suffering with mental, emotional and physiological problems.

He has trained in 100’s of different psychological & spiritual modalities, not just hypnotherapy. And is a Huna level 3 practitioner.

Luke has developed a unique style of change work that’s straight talking and is your face. Described by many as scary but with heart!

Luke was asked to give a TEDTalk on learning skills for students at the highly prestigious university of Ottawa in the capital of Canada.

Luke was voted the No 1 Hypnotist in Toronto by the Toronto Star newspaper and voted as one of the top 3 Hypnotist’s in Ottawa by Ottawa top 3 website.

Luke has been featured on CBC, ATV, The Huffington Post, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen & The Daily Mail.l to name a few.

Luke has spoken and giving trainings to other hypnotists at the most prestigious, Hypnosis Conference in the world. Such as; Hypnothoughts Live, Canadian Hypnosis Conference, Michigan Hypnosis Conference.

He solves problems that people believe are unsolvable. He fix's people who believe there unfixable. He's worked for governments and he's worked for army's. But he also work with those who have fallen through the cracks. Those that have nowhere else to turn. There at there last resort. He's mission is to prove that no one is beyond help.

He has a particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for your problems.

He specialize in helping professional women aged between 27-57 quit binge drinking in as little as 3 weeks. With he’s “Binge Drinking Reboot” program.

If you have a problem that you've been told is unfixable. And you've lost all hope. Come find Luke. He can help you fix you.

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Connect with Luke Michael Howard:
Website: http://www.lukenosis.com/  &  https://www.stopbingedrinking.com/

Social Media: 
Youttube: http://youtube.com/lukenosis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lukenosis
Instagram: https://instagram.com/LUKEnosisHypnosis
TikTok: tiktok.com/@lukenosis
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lukenosis
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/lukemichaelhoward
Pinterest: @lukenosis https://pin.it/1OtQ4sg4J
Reddit: Reddit.com/user/Lukenosishypnosis
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/lukenosis

Trauma & Transcendence Podcast Episode 20

In this episode, Luke Howard opens up about his trauma healing journey and how he became a powerhouse of trauma healing for his clients over the past 25 years for those who felt they had fallen between the cracks. Listen to Luke's healing with Huna  and learn how you too can heal!

​Tune in on June 13th at 7:00 PM EST on Spotify for this transformative episode of Trauma & Transcendence.

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