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Living On Purpose!

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Living On Purpose!

I was burnt out, trying to stay invisible and feeling insignificant. It wasn’t a good look or way of living to fuel my esteem, I believed it kept me safe but even that was false. I came to SWIHA- Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, to heal my personal trauma when other approaches fell short, and then when I did I knew I was meant to share it.

Coaching and Hypnotherapy saved my life and helped me to be the most authentic me within my potential, and then to open that potential up just a little bit more until it grew to be something truly nourishing. Now I live in a way that not only feeds my soul, but it also supports others through their dark winters into their bright fresh spring.

Practices like waking up in the morning and making the bed, brushing my teeth, and choosing outfits that feel good on my body. It’s taking time to make a satisfying and healthy meal to support my body and maintain my energy with a clean environment that gives me room to breathe.

So often we discount these habits and routines not appreciating or knowing the gifts they bring us. We can fall into that trap of thinking we are being selfish or unworthy of spending this much time, attention, or effort in ourselves. All of these are limiting beliefs that keep us down.

Completing small tasks first thing in the morning gives our dopamine production a bump, this can be as simple as making the bed, practicing self-care, and knocking off items on our to-do list.

We establish a more balanced mood by meditating, being in nature, moving our body, and from sun exposure, this amps up our serotonin naturally.

I create a calmer system by deep breathing, eating well in terms of nutrition, electrolytes, and micronutrients. Epsom salt baths, yoga, and using some essential oils promote Gaba production in the body.

I value activities like laughing, listening to music, dancing, and making art, knowing that things like dark chocolate and making love enhance my natural endorphins, the body’s way of managing pain.

Instead of seeing the human connection as something I have to work for, I now know that cuddling, exchanging compliments, having bodywork like massage and auricular therapy can tap into oxytocin, which helps me feel more at home and connected in this world. Hugs, physical touch, and allowing myself to be vulnerable with others are no longer optional, they are how I support and sustain this animal part of my being, which you have too! When I cannot connect with others I practice things like a quick 2-3 minute cold shower and havening technique, the benefits are the same. Then I am ready to take this healthy, happy, well-sustained animal being out into the world in peak condition!

Like everyone, life distracts me at times, sometimes it’s the best thing, like raising a new puppy! While I adore this new little life in our home it was also a big change from my intentional living. I had to shift gears from my mindful waking routine where I hacked my happy hormones first thing to rushing the puppy out the door to potty train before her feet hit the floor! Within two weeks I felt like a stranger to myself and forgot why I practiced the things I did previously. After I realized the places in my life I made sacrifices I recommitted to being mindful and purposeful in my living.

When I dwell in that space of living without purposefulness, intention, or mindfulness I begin to feel like I am losing touch with myself, and my best holistic therapist for my clients. My world feels duller like it’s been washed over in shades of beige and the colors have drained. It feels tight, constrictive, and energyless in my body. Almost as though Im inside an egg that keeps me separate from the world and who I came here to be. Imagine now cracking that dullness open, letting the muted colors, dimmed light, and, numbness shatter to the ground. Large chunks of debris turn to dust as you begin to crack open the authentic you who has been waiting inside all along waiting to be released! The lights turn up, and the colors turn on, your full expression opens and you stand in the power of who you truly are! It’s glorious.

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Past Lives Journal by Amanda M Dodd, now available on Amazon!

This year I published my first book, it’s a journal for my clients to keep track of their Past Life Regressions in varying styles so they can continue their growth through reflection and revisiting. I know I could not have done this without living on purpose.

This photo of me is from this past fall, at the NATH- National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, where I had the pleasure of seeing both my mentors together. One was the keynote speaker and received a Life Time Achievement Award. The other mentor gave an astounding talk about the Pivotal Point in life where we make big transformative changes and the one giving the awards. I was glowing to be amongst beautiful, strong, authentic women in the hypnotherapy field, and a bit of sun, ocean, and salty air we helpful too.

When I work with clients in Past Life Regression, the most common things that come up are that they matter! There’s nothing to truly fear, there’s very little that we can do wrong in this life aside from staying small and hidden. When we do that we rob the world of our gifts, grace, and glory.

They leave with a new lease on their lives, seeing where they are acceptable, lovable, enough, and always have been. Like creating a brand new foundation to build on, they take this base and allow it to be where they grow and build. Cause truly, do you want to remember this life as being one of those past lives where you hid, played small, and didn’t live up to your potential? I don’t! I want to experience this life as the one where I played with my whole heart in the game! I will leave this world knowing that I have benefited those around me to the highest degree and that I cared for myself the best I could because I was always worthy.

Living on purpose is also about being truthful with yourself and others. I am beyond fortunate to have two outstanding mentors in my life and as I build my career. Incidentally, both are named Linda, which means ‘beautiful’ in Portuguese, I truly believe I soul contracted to have more beauty in my life and that’s why I have them in my world!

Both of these women are honest with themselves and others. Linda Bennett Program Director of the Hypnotherapy Program at SWIHA, says ‘That’s a thought’ occasionally she ends that sentence with ‘not a good one.’.With her eyebrow raised slightly, she proceeds usually with saying ‘and here’s another’ which is about to open up your perceptive world to more options.

Linda Thunberg, Ceo of NATH- National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, has taught me honesty in assertiveness. I can often hear her saying in negotiations ‘That doesn’t work for me’, simple, factual, and clear that alterations and alternatives must be made.

Consider what thoughts you have and are they good ones? Are they working for you? If not, it’s time for a new direction, a new way of cracking open to the world and living on purpose!

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