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Joshua Wagner on Trusting the Process

Sunday, June 09, 2024

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Joshua Wagner on Trusting the Process

Welcome back to Trauma & Transcendence! Join us on June 20th for an explorative conversation with Joshua Wagner, a certified hypnotist CHt, MA, STB, practitioner who specializes in trauma healing. Joshua will be sharing his perspective and experiences with Trusting the Process and its role within trauma healing!

Episode Details
Date: June20th
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Platform: Spotify, Audible, Amazon, Google, and More! Find your favorite platform here.

Guest Bio:
Joshua Wagner STB, MA, CHt

"Hi, I'm Joshua Wagner. With almost two decades of direct involvement in the healthcare sector, I have a deep understanding of the pressures and stresses you face daily. I began my career as a Catholic priest and hospital chaplain, working in long-term care facilities and hospices. After experiencing burnout in 2018, I left ministry and dedicated myself to helping healthcare professionals like you recover from emotional burnout and find their passion again.

I served the Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice for four years, creating and supporting programs for nurses and agencies in the home care and hospice sectors. Now, I work with individuals on preventing and recovering from burnout through a three-part strategy that targets the root causes of stress and transforms your approach to work. I’ve helped over 1000 clients achieve a balanced, resilient, and fulfilling professional life."

Key Offerings & Links:
Upcoming Session: "Why You are Burned Out and What to Do About It"

Connect with Joshua Wagner:
Website: inspiringhypnosis.com

Social Media: https://inspiringhypnosis.com/direct 

Trauma & Transcendence Podcast Episode 22

In this episode, Joshua gives us the inside of trusting the process and his experience with trauma healing, if you feel burnt out often, Josh has the tools to help you turn it around!

​Tune in on June 20th at 7:00 PM EST on Spotify for this transformative episode of Trauma & Transcendence.

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