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Hypnotic Reiki!

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Hypnotic Reiki!

When does Reiki become Hypnotic?

It feels like a homecoming, that part of the hero’s journey when the traveler comes home to share their insights. I began my holistic practitioner work with Reiki, initially, I took the class for myself as a burnt-out caregiver looking for ways to sustain my energy. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is one of those things that is simply meant to be shared.

I began with Usui Reiki Master & Teacher training at Compass Rose in Spokane Washington, I had done an extensive internet search and found that Eileen Dey’s Reiki Training Program had a sister school and knew I was in. I had intended on just taking Reiki 1 & 2 but during the process, I found immense value, companionship, and growth.

The state-certified, ICRT approved training was a place where lasting friendships were formed, a place to restore my soul when the days were hard, and where I began to ultimately learn and accept my intuitive/medium/empathic nature. I had no idea that here I would be a decade later revamping my practice for deeper levels of soul work and catharsis!

Reiki is the gentle laying on of hands by a practitioner who holds space and intention for the universal life force to flow through them and into you to help empower, support, and make energetic balance. These practitioners maintain their own energy regularly, to keep themselves clear as a conduit, Reiki is outstanding for clearing stagnant and scattered energy.

We gathered for practicum, learning to clear spaces, individuals, situations, and ourselves. We laughed and healed, and I was hooked. For me, Reiki is a silent living prayer that ripples out into the world and creates kindness.

Karuna was quick to follow my initial Reiki training, where I met Linda Kingsbury from Spirit Herbs in Idaho. Linda has compassionate, grounding, and peaceful energy, learning from her was where the marriage between my intuitive/empathic/psychic self and the holistic, I finally began to feel whole and integrated with my soul in this life as a human. To see a practitioner hold as much grace as she was such an inspiration. We worked as a group of friends, the same group from Usui even, and we experienced such profound shifts through it all, I feel like Reiki was the reason our friendships have continued to endure, forged from a place of lightness and care.

Hypnotic Reiki is an even bigger integration for me personally, joining the clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal hypnotherapist within to guide Reiki clients for even larger results. When experiencing Reiki we become deeply relaxed, many people have expressed feeling lightness and relief during and after sessions. So building off this relaxation and light level trance I will include hypnotic suggestions, guided imagery, positive affirmations, and some advanced hypnosis techniques to release clients from subconscious debris and distractions. It’s simply going deeper, deeper into self-work, soul work, and making life work!

Hypnosis is a natural state, we go in and out of it throughout the day, hypnotherapy is using this state to create specific shifts. This absolutely doubles down on relaxation for starters, particularly if we begin with a progressive muscle relaxation, where the client is guided to little by little relax the body, mind, emotions very deeply.

These sessions can be done with any emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral changes in mind, we can focus on pain management, habit cessation, weight release and so much more. The depth of this work means that I choose to facilitate for at least an hour per client. Some clients who are soul seekers and want the transpersonal experience will schedule for two, where we explore past life regression, exploring the akashic records, shamanic journey, and soul retrievals but by no means near the total of all possibilities!

I will practice the traditional Usui hand positions, use of Usui and Karuna Reiki symbols, Tonglen and Kenyoku Ho techniques, potentially some vocal toning, radical acceptance, ho’oponopono practice, and other mini modalities as I feel is called throughout the session. Get excited!! There are also add ons such as Chakra Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and doTERRA AromaTouch Technique available. My goal is to make the most supportive, cathartic, and powerful session possible for my clients!

This work is inspiring, it keeps me in a state of awe at our human design and existence. We are so much more than we appear and often that transpersonal element is lost, together we will reclaim it.

I look forward to beginning a regular practice with you, if you have questions and or want to know more please reach me via email or book a complimentary consultation on my website.

Bright Blessings,

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