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Hypnothoughts Live 2024!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Living in the Excuses and 'Logic' VS Living in the Potential! 

Self-Coaching on fear! Are you living in the excuses and logic of why it won't work vs self trusting and committing to why it will? If so, you are missing out, out on opportunity, out on a chance to build self trust, self esteem, and character!

It happens, we all move through moments of uncertainty, fear, and in the stories our mind is telling. The key is catching it and choosing to move from that vibe! Here are some of the things that may help you identify this in yourself.

  • Thoughts: All of the very logical reasons and stories you are telling yourself around why you can't do or be something. When you are hearing "can't" and "how" questions, stop for a moment and thing about how you actually can and will, count the positive aspects in your favor!
  • Feelings: Feeling low, deflated, like you are potentially missing out or like things you desire are out of reach. Fear, and perhaps lack of control.
  • Avoidance/Inaction: Feeling like you aren't making progress, holding your momentum, or in the direction you want to be.

I would like to say I'm a seasoned Military Spouse, but truth is no matter how many times we relocate the emotional process ensues. It's not my first rodeo and when we begin the process of the next pcs sometimes its fear that pours in, other times its grief, most of the time by the time we get in the car to drive for the next duty station it's a sense of adventure and possibility. One thing is for certain, we always make the best of it and find ways to vastly improve our lives and living situation.
What I am learning is that the more we excel and elevate ourselves the more fear I have that we won't be able to top this, and of course, what history shows me is we do it every single time!

What caught me off guard this time, is that I am moving as an entrepreneur with my practice and clients, whereas the other times I was still a student, focused on being a stay-at-home mom or had barely begun my practice. I have had wonderfully supportive people here, and there's fear that I won't find that elsewhere, instead of knowing that I will always attract the right people, places, and possibilities for my growth and those I serve.

Self-Coaching Questions:
1- Where are you counting yourself out?
2- Talking and thinking yourself out?
3- Feeling like something is out of your reach?
4- Does holding yourself back bring you closer to who/what you want or further?

Next start imagining how you will feel if you aren't at the special event, taking up that role or situation, or being that person, how it will feel if you know you didn't really try? If it feels like you are selling yourself short it's because you likely are!  Immediately begin to look for the ways you can make it happen, possible solutions, and then commit! Write out your pros list, forget about the cons they have already been taking space inside your head.

Even as a coach and hypnotist who diligently works hard on herself, I still have to watch my thoughts, feelings and actions. Today I received insight on a presentation topic, even heard the title in my mind and then felt a call to deliver it at the next HypnoThoughts Live 2024, I could tell it was a message from my guides because of the feeling that came with it. And before I could decide that I wanted to go I started hearing all the excuses and very logical sounding reasons that I could not. It was the same thought train that had already convinced me not to send in presenter proposals for many of next years hypnosis conferences! 

And then I stopped. I thought about how I would feel if I didn't attend this next year and it felt awful. I want to see my old friends and make many more new ones, I wanted to challenge myself and reach a new edge as a hypnotist and public speaker. And with some thought about how I could make it happen I realized it was within my reach and chose to commit. No more excuses, no more logical fallacies, just movement and action forward. Within 20 minutes I had my first-time presenter proposals sent in, in the knick of time as the window closes tomorrow! 

I had let fear close me into a box that didn't fit, it's not the first time and I know that as I grow it won't be the last, but I will catch myself and ask the right questions to give myself the needed push.

If accepted I will be speaking on my birthday weekend! Here are my two proposed talks:

Empowering Spiritual Connections: Overcoming Hypnosis Challenges for Reconnecting with Loved Ones In Spirit - 2 HR  Loss and grief are universal human experiences, often leaving us feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Grief, with its profound and challenging emotions, has the potential to disrupt not only our lives but also those of our clients. In this transformative one-hour talk, we will address this crucial issue and equip you with the knowledge and tools to guide your clients towards catharsis and healing.

As a hypnotist, you may have witnessed spontaneous connections with loved ones in spirit during your sessions. This talk is designed to take your skills to the next level by providing a solid foundation for creating more consistent and intentional connections in these unique client experiences.

During this talk, you will:

Identify and Overcome Blocks: We will delve into the barriers that often hinder the grieving process and learn how to help clients overcome these emotional obstacles.

Unlock the Power of Intention: I will share a protocol for intentional practice, enabling you to guide clients with a higher rate of success in their spiritual connections. Learn to create a focused and purposeful session that leads to more profound results.

Navigate Common Pitfalls: Explore the typical challenges that can arise during sessions and discover effective strategies to overcome them. Gain insights into maintaining ethical standards and creating a safe and empathetic environment for your clients.

Offer a New Style of Session: This talk will empower you to offer a unique and highly effective approach to your clients' healing journeys, blending hypnotic techniques with spiritual connection.

By the end of this presentation, you will be well-equipped to help your clients overcome their grief, connecting them with their loved ones in spirit in a more consistent and intentional manner. Join us in "Empowering Spiritual Connections: Overcoming Hypnosis Challenges for Reconnecting with Loved Ones In Spirit" and embark on a journey toward raising the success rates of your practice, creating lasting and profound change for both you and your clients.

Healing the Mother Wound: A Hypnotic Journey to Wholeness (1 Hr)

The "Mother Wound" is a deep and often unspoken pain that can shape our lives in profound ways. This wound, rooted in the mother-child relationship, can influence our self-esteem, relationships, and overall well-being. Join us in this enlightening and transformative one-hour conference session where we'll explore how hypnosis can be a powerful tool in healing and overcoming the Mother Wound.

In this session, we'll delve into:

Understanding the Mother Wound: Gain insights into what the Mother Wound is, how it manifests, and the profound impact it can have on individuals. We'll explore the emotional and psychological aspects of this wound, and its influence on our daily lives.

Hypnosis as a Healing Tool: Discover the therapeutic potential of hypnosis in addressing and resolving the Mother Wound. Learn how hypnosis can access the subconscious mind and unlock the hidden layers of pain, trauma, and unresolved issues related to maternal relationships.

Reframing Beliefs and Patterns: Hypnosis allows us to reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors stemming from the Mother Wound. We'll explore techniques for reframing thought patterns, fostering self-compassion, and promoting healing and self-empowerment.

Reconnecting with Inner Resources: Hypnosis can facilitate a deep inner journey, helping individuals reconnect with their inner strength and resilience. We'll explore how to guide clients through this process, enabling them to heal and find a sense of wholeness.

Case Studies and Success Stories: Hear about real-life examples of clients who have used hypnosis to overcome their Mother Wound and achieve transformative healing. Learn from their journeys and the approaches that have proven effective.

By the end of this session, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of the Mother Wound and practical tools to help your clients heal, grow, and break free from its influence. Join us for "Healing the Mother Wound: A Hypnotic Journey to Wholeness," and discover the profound impact hypnosis can have on the path to healing and self-discovery.

The moment I made the commitment to myself, and hit send I felt right at home again in who I am. A woman who's been able to take on everything she's tried to thus far, and I can't break that record now. Regardless of what you have told yourself before, I know you can do this! And remember that if you need help changing the thoughts, feelings, fears and taking action that I am here for you.

Cheers, to pushing ourselves to reach untapped potential and flying at new heights!

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