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Home Clearing, Protection, and Divine Support Invocation Spray

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

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Home Clearing, Protection, and Divine Support Invocation Spray

Clearing, Protection, and Divine Support Invocation Essential Oil Recipe

Energy is a given, it is what we are made of, it’s in our thoughts, choices, and actions. Each time we made a choice and take action we are creating energy, even something as a strong reaction can leave behind an energetic imprint in a space of that time.

What’s more, is that energy can attract like energies such as the vibration of fear or terror, it can snowball and grown in size leaving a part of our bodies and homes frozen. The term ‘Misery loves company’ comes to mind, ever notice how a person with a dulled or depressed affect can leave a conversation and spread those feelings? It’s the same with energies in our bodies and homes, places of work! I bet you’ve felt it before, walking into a room where an intense discussion or argument took place, it’s like the air is so thick it can be sliced like cheese.

Last week I had the honor of doing a Home Clearing and Blessing, it’s a service I offer as a Spiritual Celebrant and Medium. The client had significant disturbances in her home causing her loved ones to not want to visit! One of the things I encountered there was an energetic imprint in a stairway from the kitchen to the upstairs hallway. When a person stepped into the stairway they could suddenly feel their heart palpitate with anxiety and gripping fear that caused a sensation of full body panic. The sensation of difficulty breathing before even going up the stairs would occur quickly and I could feel my whole automatic nervous system engage as it was choosing between flight and fight on my walkthrough.

My client had thought this was a spirit or entity in her home, however, it was a residual imprint leftover from a high emotion conflict. As a Medium when I tapped into the energy stream I can witness history replay, I was able to see a woman running in fear, being chased by someone with ill intent. She attempted to hide at first and then began to run up the stairs already out of breath and in a panic. She made it about halfway when her assailant caught up to her and dragged her down the stair. It was a lot to take in, and while I couldn’t see how it ended, I did have a sense that the woman survived, however, the energy of the incident remained, and that’s what my client’s guests and loved ones were experiencing and re-experiencing when they used that stair.

This was a simple clean-up process! As this was not an entity or Spirit with an intelligent being it released and resolved with ease. One of the tools I used is this clearing spray. Essential oils and crystals also are energy, they contain their vibrations, such as Tigers Eye which I placed above the door frame is known for being a protective crystal due to its frequency in vibration. When thinking about frequencies and vibration, consider the emotions, how a laugh is a different measure of energetic movement than say the feeling of despair, despair is dense and slow-moving, whereas laughter and exhilaration are quick bursts of energy! By placing a crystal and using the essential oil blend I create a new frequency of energy in a space, and then what happens is likes attract likes, just like a magnetic force.

Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

Drawing on the powers of the sun and earth this crystal is known for being protective, centering, and grounding. It’s often associated with good luck and prosperity. Strengthens willpower, creativity, and concentration. Helps to raise vibration and kundalini energy. Courage during times of change. Disperse pride, self-criticism, and depression.

Essential oils, just like crystals have their own frequencies and vibrations, sometimes people refer to this as ‘Metaphysical Properties’.

Here are some of my notes on this blend!

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  • Juniper– Purification, great for bringing beings of light in during meditation, and clarity/understanding and working with bringing the shadow to light. This oil is an elevator to spiritual awareness, is also a known detoxifier, astringent, cleanser, and antiseptic!
  • Peppermint– Used to clear barriers, actually repels some insects, freshens the air, and opens the lungs, is uplifting and calming. Stimulates alertness, is antibacterial, antiviral, and invigorating.
  • Sage– Purify, Enables connection to spirit, bring light beings closer, draw that ages of wisdom into our heart. Could be used as a deodorant.
  • ​​Sandalwood– Joining physical and spiritual realms, and is also a huge proponent of evoking healing in the body! This oil is known to bring clarity to confusion, dispel fear, and ease exhaustion. Antidepressant, calming, balances emotions.

There is a specific formula and balanced way to create essential oil blends, putting contradicting frequencies together will create just that, a clash to the experiences and no doubt nose! So when I am creating a blend it is done with care, accuracy, and a great deal of forethought and research. I adore making custom roll-on, sprays, bath salts, and more with essential oils.

  • Halite/Salt– Creates a nice ambiance, the salt will absorb moisture in the air and gives off negative ions creating more balanced electrons. Release energy blockages, aura balancing, enhance self-confidence, release judgments, promote self-worth and eases worry. Some sources state that salt lamps help with airborne pollutants and ease breathing and breathing conditions, but I haven’t found any studies done to back that up. Salt is known to have purified properties especially with spirits and entities creating natural boundaries.

What I adore about my blend is how it works on multiple levels, not only does it cleanse and protect the physical but it works on the mental, emotional, spirit plains as well, and calls for divine help for support and clearing a way through ahead. Using it really feels refreshing and all-encompassing, it’s very uplifting and leaves a lasting freshness in the air that is rather palpable in energy! At first, it’s so freshening, and then it’s just deeply calming and peace enhancing, I feel a greater sense of ease and connection as I use it. I used it in tandem with reiki and I feel like my healing room is a safe and blessed sanctuary as a result.

I also like that it’s somewhat gender-neutral, unlike most blends that I make!

Here’s My Recipe.

Clearing, Protection, and Divine Support Invocation Essential Oil Recipe

8oz Glass Spray Bottle(Always best to use glass, especially of citrus oils are used and choose one that is tinted for essential oils)

1% Dilution (48 Drops of Essential Oils)

Essential Oils:
Juniper 13 Drops
Peppermint 6 Drops
Sage 10 Drops
Sandalwood 19 Drops

Witch Hazel 1.5 Tablespoons. Just like with essential oils finding good quality and pure Witch Hazel is essential.

Salt/Halite, sea salt is my preference. I use 1 Tablespoon in an 8 oz bottle.

I adore using Amethyst, it represents support and divine assistance unasked for, so often we forget or just dont know that we are supported in this life and that we can ask! Other crystals can be used also like obsidian, hematite, moonstone, quartz, etc.

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Breaking up negativity, purifies, promotes harmony, and protects. Absorbs unwanted negative energy. Amethyst is divine help gifted for transmuting lower vibrational energies into healing. Enhances intuition and psychic abilities bring heave down to earth, fosters cooperation. Alleviates headaches and migraines, dispels nightmares, and eases insomnia. Supports emotional balance, eases anxiety and depression.

I usually begin by adding my crystals or crystal chips to the bottle, salt, and witch hazel. Then measure in my essential oils, add my filtered water, careful not to overfill, and leave room for the spray bottle (sometimes clipping the hose is needed so that it doesn’t get stick in the bottom and kink). I close the lid and gently roll it in my hands to blend. From here I have a bit of ceremony and ritual for my oils that include Reiki, empowering with the Full or New Moon depending on my goals, and more.

It’s important to know that essential oils are combustible, always keep your bottles and blends in a safe place out of direct sunlight.

If you need help figuring out dilution rate and blending you are welcome to reach out to me, I adore making custom personal blends! I am available to guide you, create for you, or deliver you quality essential oils to work with, schedule a complimentary consultation, and let’s talk more about it.

Another great resource is this website if you aren’t sure how many drops per oz bottle to use, and what percentage of dilution is best for your needs.

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