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Ho’oponopono Within Hypnosis

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Ho’oponopono Within Hypnosis

If you’ve worked with the traditional Hawaiian clearing and forgiveness technique, Ho’oponopono then you already know how potent it can be. But have you experienced it within hypnosis? If not, come on this journey with me as I explore one of my favorite techniques to use with clients and within my own life.

Some years ago I found Ho’oponopono at a time in my life when I was seeking deeper forgiveness, to truly create more ease, acceptance, and healing in my life. It seemed so radical an idea to me that a set up of 4 statements could shift energy within my life, nonetheless that of an entire state hospital in Hawaii as shared by Dr.Hew Len in the certificate course I took a few years back now.

As a hypnotherapist, I’m always challenging myself to create new and dynamic ways to support clients on their healing journey, no matter the shape or size. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before I merged these two beautiful modalities as I have now. The first time I had was in a client session where she was experiencing deep grief and unacceptance that was blocking her way forward. Calling in ho’oponopono as she cried silently, felt like a breath of fresh air to us both. It was like suddenly she had space and grace to be present with her feelings and the whole situation as a whole.

I was immediately sold, and couldn’t wait to do it again! And of course, opportunities presented themselves over and over. Before my hypnosis training, I wanted to practice myself, so as I learned in Reiki 2, I used the distance symbol to take myself back through my own personal history and then brought in those 4 beautiful statements. That was the first time I had integrated two modalities in this way, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  • ​“I’m Sorry”
  • ​“Please forgive me”
  • ​“Thank you”
  • ​“I love you”

What I found was a new personal practice that I have since done at least 2x a year. I had no expectations, was just following intuition and curiosity, one of the best ways to enter into any healing session. I chose to be present and centered in the now and it was powerful.

I’m sorry is about accountability, owning our mistakes, misdeeds, miscommunications, energy, and conscious/unconscious contribution to the challenges at hand. When we claim energy that we previously resisted, it prevents it from persisting, and rather than staying blocked allowed for energy to flow through as it’s meant to.

Please forgive me, not only are we asking for forgiveness but we are also forgiving ourselves and others. We allow ourselves to be bathed and uplifted in surrender, acknowledging that we did not know better at the time, and now that we do, we will do better. It creates motion and action, forward momentum.

Thank you, is a sweet moment of gratitude for the All and all that is. It’s that we are here and now, we made it through and now know we are capable of more within. When we allow ourselves to dwell in gratitude it brings us present, centered, and grounded in this very moment, the only one we truly have control of ourselves within. Gratitude is presence that allows us to see the presents that are ours to be had and shared.

I love you, is honoring and accepting love, love from others, love from ourselves, and most important love from a higher Source that knows us as its own. When we close the loop with love we wash away the previous mistakes and allow ourselves to move forward in our wholeness.

The statements can be said in any order and still be effective, I have heard them many other ways, I recommend feeling them out for yourself and seeing where ho’oponopono invites you!

If meditation is hard I have something to help. Last week I had the opportunity to guide two lovely souls through a hypnosis meditation in the Salt Cave at A Creative ApothaCare. And as luck and preparation had it I was able to record the session. I have since created a hypnosis meditation script for you. This way you have choices to enjoy, the script is wonderful for teachers, practitioners, and soulful seekers to guide themselves into theta hypnosis, and experience ho’oponopono on a deeper level.

I recommend recording it in your own voice and seeing how it feels to experience it that way!

Here’s the script if you want to try it.

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