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Exploring the Depths of Transformation with Brenda Rhodes: A Journey of Empowerment

Sunday, March 24, 2024

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Exploring the Depths of Transformation with Brenda Rhodes: A Journey of Empowerment

Welcome back to Trauma & Transcendence! Join us on April 11th for an insightful conversation with Brenda Rhodes, Hypnosis Instructor, Reiki, master/teacher, practicing and teaching Andean shamanism.

Episode Details
Date: April 11th
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Platform: Amazon, Apple, Audible, Google, Spotify

Welcome back to our transformative podcast series! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming episode featuring Brenda Rhodes, a renowned Hypnosis Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, and practitioner of Andean Shamanism.

Guest Bio:
Brenda Rhodes is a powerhouse in the world of holistic healing, with over 25 years and 35,000 hours of experience and practice. Her passion for helping others succeed and achieve has made a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Brenda's international impact extends to speaking engagements in over 20 countries, where she shares her transformative wisdom and expertise. As the creator of the acclaimed program "From Survive to Thrive," Brenda empowers hypnotists worldwide to support survivors of narcissistic abuse. With a mission to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals and groups to achieve their fullest potential, Brenda is one hundred percent all-in, whether working one-on-one with clients or training fellow practitioners.

Brenda is recognized for her passion to help others succeed and achieve. She is the creator of widely known program “From Survive to Thrive” teaching hypnotists worldwide how to help and support survivors of narcissistic abuse as well as presenter at IHF, Elman and IACT conferences.

Brenda is also the author of published articles in the International Hypnosis Federations publication “The Hyp-News” and local paper “Town & Country.” Co-author with Shelley Stockwell Nicolas “Great Relationships, Love Me, Love You, Love Us.”

As a professional guest and speaker at conferences around the world, Brenda has delivered training to over 2500 hypnosis practitioners in over 20 countries. Whether she is working one-on-one with clients, empowering them to overcome behaviors and situations, or training and empowering other practitioners to do the same, Brenda is one hundred percent all-in.

Her toolbox is full, her skill-set is at master level and the results she helps to create are undeniable. Brenda built an internationally successful hypnotherapy business from scratch and her growth has been peppered with continued education, passion and dedication.

Her mission now is to support, educate, motivate, help and inspire individuals and groups to achieve more than they ever thought possible with their own lives.

Key Offerings:
Empowering Transformations: Brenda's extensive experience and mastery in hypnosis, Reiki, and Andean Shamanism facilitate profound transformations for her clients, empowering them to overcome challenges and embrace their true potential.

International Impact: Brenda's speaking engagements and training sessions in over 20 countries highlight her dedication to sharing her transformative techniques on a global scale.

Creator of Change: Through her renowned program "From Survive to Thrive," Brenda equips hypnotists worldwide with the tools to support survivors of narcissistic abuse, fostering healing and empowerment.

Professional Speaker: Brenda's expertise as a professional guest and speaker at conferences worldwide ensures that her insights reach and empower practitioners globally.

Mission of Empowerment: Brenda's unwavering commitment to supporting, educating, motivating, and inspiring individuals and groups drives her to empower others to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Connect with Brenda:
Explore Brenda's offerings and connect with her wisdom on her website allentownhypnosis.com.

You can also follow Brenda on social media for daily inspiration and insights:

Facebook: brenda.rhodes.allentownhypnosis
TikTok: @hypnobrenda88
LinkedIn: brenda-rhodes-72b07216
YouTube: Brenda Rhodes
​Instagram: @hypnobrenda88

Trauma & Transcendence Podcast Episode 12

Don't miss this empowering episode with Brenda Rhodes! Tune in on April 11th at 7:00 pm est on your favorite podcast platform for an enlightening conversation on transformation and empowerment. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Brenda Rhodes. See you there!

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