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Feeling Stuck, Lost, or Blocked?

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Have you ever felt lost, stuck, or even blocked? Perhaps as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland would say ‘You’ve Lost Your Mucheness’ can you recall a time when you felt ‘much muchier’ than you are today? Perhaps it feels like you are half the person you used to be, or that there’s a persistent dullness to your life like something is missing. These are common feelings of having lost, misplaced, or even had your essence stolen.

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Our Souls are remarkable, so much so that we have built-in mechanisms for our survival that can at times include the loss of soul for the purpose of protecting ourselves.

Does this mean we become soulless? Certainly not, a soul isn’t just one solid piece, think of it instead as an encapsulated cluster of energy, energy that can be siphoned off, left in the past, or given to others in moments of deep love and connection or sorrow. Have you ever visited somewhere or someone and before and felt as though you left your heart behind? You did in fact leave something, but it wasn’t your heart!

What are some of the common feelings we experience when we have experienced soul loss?

  • ​Numbness
  • ​Shock
  • ​Fear
  • ​Depression
  • ​Apathy
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Inability to move forward or create.
  • ​Sorrow
  • ​Lack of excitement
  • ​Lack of ability to be in the present moment
  • ​Feeling lonely or lack of intimacy in relationships.
  • ​Feelings of unworthiness and incompetence
  • ​Addictions, often when there is soul loss we may try to fill it with the external

These are a few of a very long list, but most of us can identify varying times throughout life when we’ve experienced these. Sometimes we can also experience a spontaneous retrieval, perhaps in working with a catalyst like a healer or spiritual coach, a shaman, or facilitator, and other times just through life experiences when we’ve organically overcome the trauma that initiated the loss to start with., which is wonderful but can have some challenges where integration is required. Have you ever felt a time when you felt like a part of yourself was resurged or renewed? I certainly have!

What causes soul loss? According to Sandra Ingerman, a popular modern shaman, teacher, and speaker even an alarm clock that causes shock in the morning can be a cause! That blaring sound that creates a jarring feeling is enough to cause shock to the system, so of course, other situations where we feel that same shock, fear, or jarring are equally challenging.

Moments of trauma, big T and little t alike, times of great loss such as a loved one passing or ending a relationship. If you listen to people speak sometimes you hear ‘they were never the same after that day’ or ‘part of them stayed there’, these are hints of soul loss.

Empaths actually do this more than most people, because they feel so deeply and crave connection, it can happen in moments of deep love and concern for another. The causes are many and not one size fits all, what's important is identifying your specific times and places, and having support to restore and integrate your essence.

"Life is about movement and evolution, how we can grow and dance through our days, if life doesn’t feel like that right now perhaps it is time to reclaim your whole essence once more! This is how we know when we are in a state of wholeness."- Amanda M Dodd

In my recent weeks, I had the pleasure of taking a Shamanic Healing, Journey, and Soul Retrieval facilitator program with Guzalia Davis, a beautiful teacher, practitioner, and soul! We had the opportunity to experience sessions before learning to facilitate ourselves, and I had experienced reclaiming a part of myself that I wasn’t even aware was misplaced, some parts were deliberately taken, and those too were reclaimed. What I’ve found is that I finally feel whole, I am moving towards my goals with ease and momentum in a way that’s balanced and joyful! I had forgotten and become disconnected from this knowing/experience over time, to say that it feels life-changing is an understatement!

The whole experience reminded me that life is about movement and evolution, how we can grow and dance through our days, if life doesn’t feel like that right now perhaps it is time to reclaim your whole essence once more! This is how we know when we are in a state of wholeness. When we aren’t integrated and aligned we cannot achieve that state of being.

If you would like a consultation to help you discern if you’ve got soul loss and or would like to reclaim your full essence, please reach out to me, it’s a pleasure to facilitate and witness clients reclaiming themselves!

My wholeness, your wholeness is how we create a world that is more wholesome!

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