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Thursday, March 02, 2023

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What does that even mean? Here’s what an empowered empath feels like to me!

For many empaths, myself included, when we finally learn that we are different, hardwired more sensitively, and not crazy, we begin to feel potential! Knowing that we are evermore so needed now on earth, and can use our extrasensory abilities to support, provide spiritual and intuitive coaching, healing, or readings there’s usually an immediate anxiety that shows up that prevents us from showing up!

This anxiety can feel like a whirlwind and be dizzying! Much of it is sheer excitement, enthusiasm, and that buzz of feeling in alignment with your soul’s purpose for the first time! Maybe it’s the first time you really truly feel seen. When you start to explore stepping out into the community sometimes it comes with challenges like imposter syndrome, even performance anxiety or fears of being seen, fear of failure, fear of success even, and public speaking discomfort! Whoa! A lot to take in right? That’s enough for anyone to feel overwhelmed empathic or not!

An empowered empath is an individual who is able to balance their abilities, set boundaries, be more conscious in the application of their gifts by discerning when, how, and with whom they are best used in a way of higher service.

Yes, you can dial it in, fully attune with your abilities and manage them gracefully!

“But How Do I Do That Amanda?”

It’s okay, I too used to be unsure and have learned exactly how to guide you through this! I learned the hard way, thankfully I have really refined and created an effective way now with some heart and soul searching exploration so that you can be supported through your journey to empowerment with ease.

First Tip– Befriend Yourself!

Imagine you are meeting someone new and fascinating for the first time, you are interested in who they are, what they love and are passionate about, as well as what sets them on edge or where they are trying to grow as a being. In fact, you simply want to know every detail about what has made this beautiful empathic soul. How would you begin this process?

It would start with asking questions, and perhaps even reflecting on the answers, using that empathic listening ability more deeply, it may also be having new experiences and trying to push those edges gently like a flower beginning to bloom. Diving in and delving in deeper!

Let’s be honest, have you ever truly paid yourself that kind of interest and attention? I am guessing that like most empaths you have a little and yet there is so much deeper to go. Many of us are lifelong learners who long to be of service in a kind and compassionate way, and so we are looking out when the gold is truly within. Treat yourself like an exciting, fascinating stranger with who you feel enamored and you will begin to unfold and bloom beautifully.

Together we can work on you getting to know you inside and out, experience some exercises, receive supports, manage challenges more gracefully and begin to feel more confident as you step out into the world to be of service.

There are many kinds of empaths with many kinds of empathic abilities, I will help you dial it in and focus it so that you can finally be of service in the way you are meant to be!

Second Tip– Make Choices!

For a long time, you have likely reacted in ways that have felt automatic, programmed, perhaps feel completely fated? Many sensitives have a hard time with harsh environments, draining relating dynamics and so they tuck themselves away like a master of all things introverted, and that can feel safe, even helpful for a while. It’s needed to recharge, however it is not what you are truly here to do, and the places, people, situations that need your unique vibration and energy miss out!

You are free to choose, choose to change, to grow, and to heal! You get to choose how to show up and who you want to be or become. With choice comes the change that you have needed.

When you choose to work with me, we begin to dialogue and mediate with the parts of you that have been dealing with overwhelm, anxiety, self-sabotage, and fear, the parts of you that may be holding you back! That dialogue opens up so much understanding, compassion, and supportive compromise. And there is where the big magic starts to happen! When all of your essence is present, focused, and committed towards the same goals you become completely empowered and nearly unstoppable. Making choices, setting boundaries, and responding instead of reacting becomes easier too.

Beyond living a more empowered life as an empath, you become a more aligned, integrated, and present person. We will excavate those blocks, limiting beliefs, and barriers preventing you from deepening your gifts just like plucking weeds out of the nourishing garden soil.

When you are a fully empowered empath, you will have the confidence and ability to shine as an intuitive coach, medium, psychic reader, and holistic healer just to name a few ways you might be meant to show up in the world.

If you felt completely empowered as an empath what would that look and feel like? Comment below, I would love to hear about what being an empowered empath means to you.

Empath Group Coaching & Support

I run an every other Sunday group for Empaths, HSP's, and Intuitives looking for community, support, and development opportunities. If you are in NE Ohio look below at what's coming up soon. Also, the group features the occasional virtual meetups too.

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