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"Clear, Center, Climb"

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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"Clear, Center, Climb"

When I officially began to own my mediumship abilities and seek mentors I had the most amazing opportunities line up. I had done quite a few online programs that were self-paced, I did them alone because truly I felt safe as there was low risk, but also low reward and imposter syndrome type doubts would creep in. When I found a local class happening I decided to get brave and take a chance, that was when I began the Angels of Light training in Norwell, MA with Cathi Burke, which included Angelic Mediumship in the curriculum. It was the gentle start I needed to refind my community after moving from Spokane WA and my reiki fellowship. Being a military spouse has often come with many stops and starts, many of those can happen in my holistic and spiritual practices, especially when I leave behind whole communities of friends and supports.

Leslie, a medium, writer, healer, and channel herself at the time was like an incarnated angel sent to encourage me through development when I really needed the extra support and push. Like the typical introvert that I am, we met in the Angels of Light course as it was one of the few times I would be out aside from Reiki volunteer work! Something about Leslie really helped me to feel that self-acceptance I had been looking for to open my spiritual gifts even more deeply and be of service. Destiny had us grow and learn together for a time and I will always treasure it, the synchronicities that happen when we are together are awestriking!

We became fast friends, even roommates for a time, we would motivate each other to push our edges together and we began studying with another lifetime mentor Rita Berkowitz. Leslie had worked with Rita before we had met, In fact, it was also Leslie that introduced me to Rita and her powerful work as a Spirit Artist and Evidential Medium. I will never forget the anxiety I had before the first class and the kindness and patience Leslie showed me. I realize now that I was trying to dismantle that paradigm of imposter syndrome within my mediumship, and it was a challenge but absolutely doable with the right support and mentors!

Rita has co-authored many books, most recently I picked up a copy of her “Communicating with Spirits” and it’s been a total refresher! Absolutely recommend it if you are on the path to expanding or opening your mediumship. To this day Rita serves in the First Spiritual Church of Brockton and continues to lead mediumship and Spirit Art classes. Spirit Art is when the medium is able to draw or paint to capture the loved one in Spirit, it can be deeply cathartic for loved ones to receive and the ultimate evidence that our souls continue on beyond the veil.

It was thrilling to study with a group, to be part of a circle, and practice! Learning how to navigate communication with Spirit and helping sitters understand while being the bridge between these two realms. Learning the different types of mediumship readings and how to clear myself as a channel. I was hooked and midway into the class Advanced Mediumship class Leslie was already onto our next spiritual mentor and road trip!

“Lily Dale” is what my friend and roommate at the time Leslie Sampson called “Disney Land for Mediumship!”, with an image like that imprinted in mind I couldn’t wait to go! The classes with Cathi, and Rita had been foundational, I was growing as a reader and being. What could Lily Dale hold I wondered?

As with much of what I have done and learned, synchronicity had it aligned that the Lily Dale annual opening was coming when classes would be readily offered and we could stay in town or nearby. There were a couple of classes available but Patricia Price’s stood out, there was an energy in her photo on the website that once again gave me that familiar feeling of home.

This came up during a challenging time in my life, some of my relationships were beginning to take a toll on me personally, it echoed throughout the months before and somewhat after, just a preview if you will about how some relationships simply weren’t meant to endure my life in this incarnation. Patricia was a diligent, kind, and compassionate mentor, she knew the challenges and made learning so engaging for me that the heartache began to subside gently.

Mediumships is healing on so many levels when done well! Not only does the love continue from here to the ‘Higher Side’ as Rita calls it but our loved ones want to be connected, to guide and celebrate with us in our growth!

Lily Dale has many natural points and vortexes, one of which is the stump! Giving readings at the stump is like a rite of passage. The work flows naturally and with so much validation, it’s a must experience as a newly budding medium or reader.

On the first day, Patricia taught us to “Clear, Center, Climb” and it had never been said in a way that was so concise and clear to me before. As a medium, and mediumship development coach I still use and teach this model.

  • Clear- Clear your energy, release your thoughts from the day, release any hurts in your heart with forgiveness and compassion, and take care of your physical body’s needs. This is how you clear your channel.
  • Center- Release the mind chatter, the grocery, and to-do lists, simply be present. For some, this is done with the breath. Setting an intention is always an important starting place, perhaps having some ritual and ceremony too! If you are an empath, this can take a little more focus and have some challenge to it, talk to me about how to clear the way for yourself and your clients!
  • Climb- Raise vibration, sing, pray, chant, use a smudge or spray, call in guides, benevolent ancestors and ask for the highest of high vibrations and healing to be done here for you, the client, and their loved one in Spirit.

These days I have evolved this process, as a hypnotherapist I am biased and in love with trance work, the ease of guiding people through clearing, centering, and climbing has never been easier and more effective! If you have blocks, limiting beliefs, doubts, or sometimes parts of you that aren’t in full agreement of being in service through mediumship I can bring them all into alignment and resolution. Even practicing mediums can benefit from hypnotherapy to enhance, develop and release any underlying fears.

Looking at who I have become now, its wild to look back at where we all were and came from. I know I’ve grown immensely, my mentors are still out there being of service in loving and inspiring ways, and Leslie too has grown!

Since that time Leslie has gone on to publish her book about twin flames “Find Your Twin Flame” with Llewelyn, you can find more here!

I am so grateful for the time we shared, grew, and laughed together! May the mediumship journey you take now be as big a blessing as it has been for me.

Bright Blessings,

PS: If you are looking for development group for Mediumship with practice circles, I have one here.

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