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Today I am reminded of the importance of faith, and while this faith doesn’t need to be of a specific religious domination, it does need to be in something greater than ourselves at times.

Despite all of my efforts to become an angelic and higher vibrational being I am still human, darn-it! So, for now, this will have to suffice. And being that I am such a mere mortal it means that I am not exempt from those challenging sometimes heart breaking or gut wrenching human experiences. You know the ones I mean right? The ones that have you down on your knees begging for mercy because you cannot see the trees from the woods at the moment. Yep, there, the raw, painful, actual fact of the matter reality of today.

So today, after a rough human existence yesterday I awoke and laid quietly in bed for a moment longer than usual, allowing reality to be ever clear on my heart and somehow my hand drifted to my phone and found Facebook. As almost always, I came across something that seems absolutely perfect for my reality today, my mere mortal mumblings were playing out in the video on my screen. Here, have a peek!! Just below here!!


So, What Is It You Are Getting at Here Amanda?

You may be wondering, it’s this, we never truly know EVERYTHING, especially when we think we do. I spent about 3 hours wallowing before I moved on, I allowed myself to feel the deep caverns of despair and even hopelessness, the peaks of exhaustion and even the rivers of anxiety around my woes from the past two days. Then as I opened the dialogue with Spirit I began to trust and have faith, faith that there’s more to what has happened here and more to the story!

And then I absolutely did move on from there and without wasting more of this brilliant day in all of its perfection. I say perfection as everything that is happening is as it should be, for better, for worse I am in the mix of things I cannot control, that I only have my limited human perspective of but at the end of the day I can trust that everything unfolds exactly as it is meant to and that I have a capable mind, body, and spirit to rise up to meet the challenge with Spirit cheering me on and lighting the way when the hall is too dark.

How did I move on?

It was a mix, a perfect blend of transpersonal self-coaching and faith! As I frequently do I lit a candle and invoked the Angels, said a small prayer for guidance and support in my heart and watched the magic unfold from the deck card by card. If it wasn’t enough to see things I do know validated, things I don’t know made clearer, I also received a series of phones calls throughout my process. With each moment I allowed myself to feel guided and surrendered my perceptions, fears, and beliefs I began to raise my vibration and that which I was attracting began to become enveloped in light, solutions, and hope <3 But it all started with acceptance and wrapped up with faith!

As you rest your head on your pillow this night affirm one thing for yourself, and it’s that the eyes in your heart, the heart in your chest, and very capable hands are everything you need to make it through even the most hellish of days, have faith that you were made perfectly for everything you have and will encounter in your time on this earth because YOU ARE!

If you find yourself in a dark hallway and need a little light, reach me and try a bit of Transpersonal or Spirit Directed Coaching!

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