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Being An Unconscious Open Channel

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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Being An Unconscious Open Channel

What happens when we are an unconscious open channel?

An unconscious open channel is someone who occasionally receives messages, spirits visiting (frequently at night right before sleep!) without being invited or sought after. It’s the equivalent of being a bright light in the dark, all those that need illumination will come seeking. That experience in itself can be positive, uplifting as well as be surprising, upsetting, scary even. Imagine leaving your front door open and a light on with a sign saying “C’mon in! And make yourself at home”. Slightly discomforting thought, isn’t it? Essentially that is what many of us do because we aren’t readily taught about our energy, connection, and psychic hygiene.

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To Those in Darkness, We Appear Attractive and Comforting

How Can I Tell When I’m Open?

This takes a bit of practice, practicing awareness and presence. Almost like taking a daily inventory of your energy, and making some conscious choices. Sometimes it can feel really wonderful to be an open channel, it can bring insight to those we care about during a conversation with us tapping into clear knowing and sharing uplifting ideas or having sudden inspirations. When we are open there is a sense of being in flow with the divine, there is an ability to be tuned into the now more fully. One sure-fire way to tell is that after being around people and different places is that you will feel exhausted to a whole new level at the end of the day! This isn’t physical exhaustion although it can certainly feel that way. This is a level of tiredness that comes from the spirit when you have overdrawn your energy bank account and are in the red. This is not the ideal way to manage energy because it isn’t managing at all, is it?

This spirit-exhaustion takes solitude, silence, and space to rebalance the accounts once again, sometimes that can take days. The key is to manage the account more sustainably, making frequent deposits and balanced withdrawals.

A good time to be an open channel is when you are seeking to connect with Source to allow for new inspiration, art, writing, music to come through. What I recommend to Mediums is having a clear process, a start, a middle, and an end. Having an end means we consciously close the channel to allow for our spirit to rest. A beautiful way to do this is to give gratitude to Spirit and the higher side for working with us and leaving the client with their love.

When we are consciously closed, we begin to store our energy, to refill our accounts. Something I teach and create with my clients is a customized and personal ritual or ceremony for when they wish to open their channel and do spirit work, not only does it make the connection conscious but it brings with it a higher vibration and sustainability. Part of my ceremony and celebration of the sacred is to use an essential oil spray, it helps me to balance my energy, to remain clear, and center myself then also raise my vibration.

This week I created a brand new blend to support the 7 chakras and mediumship specifically, oils that correlate to angelic vibrations. I will be bringing some to the fair, however, supplies are limited. I used the same essential blend in my oatmeal coconut bath milk, so if the spray isn’t available and you want to create your way to consciously connect or clear and close after readings there will be some beautiful Christmas ornaments available for yourself or your loved ones as stocking stuffers.

The work we do is sacred, it brings clients and frequently ourselves great catharsis and connection. When we forget the sacredness of this activity is when we lose presence and slip into unconscious patterns potentially.

Practicing gratitude, keeping a steady vibration in your whole life are important places to start. Patricia Price had a wonderful lesson on vibration when I took her mediumship class, which has always resonated with me. While I don’t recall the word exactly it was the equivalent to what you put in is what you allow out, if its garbage in (things that lower your vibration, scatter your energy, or disrupt your peace) then it’s likely your work will be influenced by this too!

Your vibration and frequency consist of what you consume, nutritionally but also your energy habits. What you allow yourself to take in on tv, the internet, in interactions with people are all vibrations you are consuming. If you want your vibration to be higher and more steady become aware of your practices and make choices with purpose.

From one empath to another, I hope you choose to share your beautiful gifts with the world! You, your grace, and your gifts are needed now!

Bright Blessings,

PS: If you are working to develop your Mediumship and Spiritual Abilities I have a small community to support your growth. Click below to visit.

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