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A Past Life Journal To Preserve, Revisit, Reflect and Relive Your Past Life Journeys

Thursday, March 02, 2023

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A Past Life Journal to Preserve, Revisit, Reflect and Relive Your Past Life Journeys

Are you curious about the nature of your soul and ready to start an exciting new deep dive into your essence?

This journal will be the ultimate companion as you explore Past Lives, Parallel Lives- Quantum Jumping, QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Life Between Lives, and Future Life regressions.

As I became a hypnotist and had personal practice sessions, I received many of my own regressions I later regretted not having a place to capture and treasure my findings in a way that really preserved those details that mattered to me most. I wanted more than a scrapbook, something that would allow me to relive each life, each of the lessons and takeaways more deeply. That's what I have created for you here!

As you delve into these new insights, you will find that you have an invitation to a community of like-minded souls waiting for you, as well as a special gift inside!

As you date each entry and write down the regressionist or setting, you will be able to place each experience within your current life more easily, allowing you to see parallels between both lives and current experiences.

There are many kinds of sessions to experience within transpersonal hypnotherapy, past lives, parallel lives (Quantum Jumping), and life between lives, where the seeker goes to the realm of pre-birth planning and reviews their selections and deeper meanings as to why they chose this incarnation. There are also future lives, wonderful for perspective and potential ways to problem-solve current challenges. I have also included a section for Dolores Cannon’s QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique which shifts into the higher self and the seeker is able to receive answers to their deepest most personal queries.

I have made a section for each with prompts appropriate to the style of the session. Each page has a session #, this is for you to keep track of when you experience each session regardless of category, so you have two different ways to explore your lessons, and growth.

Wishing you deeply transformational journeys and insights,
Amanda M Dodd

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