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IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Breakthrough Past Negative Experiences

Benefits of IEMT

While IEMT comes with no guarantee, here are the most notable benefits clients have shared.

- Improved Mental and Emotional Clarity
-  Feeling More Present (Freedom from Emotional Past)
-  Improved Self Concept
- Improved Relationships

A  IEMT Session

A session can last between 60-90 minutes are available in person and virtually.

The Body of a Session
1- Intake and Discussion: filling out paperwork and discussing your background, pertinent history, and the goals for the session. The more I know what is important to you the better I can guide your session and help you create momentum forward.

2- We get to work! Exploring the changes you would like to make and what has been getting in the way, whether it's a negative and unwanted emotion, undesirable identity traits, uncomfortable memories or past traumas. What I feel really sets IEMT apart is that we don't need to rehash the traumas or stories to release these imprints and their effects on you!
3-IEMT usually consists of 2-3 sessions, and always ends on a positive note with exercises that help you become more centered in the now and present.

4-There may be additional recommendations for after care, establishing some goals or actions to help you create change as you move forward.

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I'm a Member!

It's important to me to always be updating and practicing healing modalities responsibly and well informed, this is one of the associations that support practitioners.

IEMT Training with Matt Kendall


Is IEMT For You?

IEMT is a rapid therapeutic change work modality that is very dynamic, and there are some individuals who are not suited for this method. Let's talk and see if IEMT could be for you or if another approach might be recommended before you book!


Growing together

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Self-Development and Spirituality Are Meant to Be Shared

Healing and spiritual awakening are meant to be done in community and in relation to others, share beautiful, cathartic healing sessions with colleagues, your corporate functions, your family and friends!

  • Do you want to share an experience... private group hypnotherapeutic meditations.
  • Open Minds... experience and access spiritual concepts easily and with support
  • Change Perspective... Go deeper within yourself for insights and resolution
  • Feel Empowered...  Finally give yourself permission to truly live!!!

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Healing Beyond Trauma

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Hypnotherapeutic Meditation

Forgiveness & Self Acceptance

Are you having a hard time creating more of what you want? Perhaps things go slowly, or don't seem to shift hardly at all?

This hypnotherapeutic meditation is for deep catharsis and release.

Blessings require space to arrive, we begin by clearing out the old, stale, and stagnant energies before inviting in the new!

In this Meditation, you will:

  • Experience Deep Relaxation, taking deep breaths, feel catharsis which brings a sense of ease.
  • Release Stagnant and Stale Energy, learn a method of clearing your energy at your convivence.
  • ​Create Space for Manifesting, discover new feelings of openness, acceptance, and self-compassion
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Hypnotherapeutic Meditation

Opening Your Clair Abilities & Mediumship Channel

This hypnotic meditation will help listeners to open to their natural psychic and intuitive abilities, to be able to fine-tune their mediumship senses with the support of their Guides and Angels. It's gentle, uplifting, and potent!

This can be used by individuals seeking to access, grow, strengthen, and empower their Clair abilities and mediumship. Can be used before readings, development groups, and practice. There is a very short induction using awareness with the breath, you are welcome to add your favorite relaxation techniques in front of it for a longer experience and session or use it as it is for a shorter more focused session.

If you are a spiritual seeker who simply wants to clear, heal, and develop their mediumship abilities you will gain so much from this hypnotherapy meditation. A wonderful idea is to play it from your phone or desktop with headphones on before practice and working with mediumship and clairvoyant skills. There are hypnotic suggestions to help you release, remove, and clear your chakras and energy, as well as ground and center. This is a powerful hypnotic mp3 to open your Mediumship abilities or strengthen your abilities!

If you are a Medium who hosts classes or circles, you are welcome to use this mp3 for your students as well as it's very potent! I kindly ask that you do reference your students to my shop to obtain their own copy.

Inside this Meditation, you will discover:

  • ​Active Natural Psychic Abilities, Feel supported by your Angels & Guides
  • Heighten Intuition, Fine tune your senses, be more naturally centered and grounded.
  • ​Develop Your Mediumship Channel, I help you set your vibration, and open the door.
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Hypnotherapy Induction Script

Chakra Energy Induction

Help clients or practice self-hypnosis with this induction script to practice visualization and open up Clair abilities, and induce hypnosis, gently, and effectively.

Feel clear, and centered, and learn to make energetic adjustments as desired.

Contains suggestions for relaxation, deep breathing, and releasing tension.

Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Read To Use, script is 704 words long, pages at 11 font size, comes as a word document, and pdf formats.
  • Gentle and Relaxing, slowly and easily help clients or yourself shift into a deeper state of consciousness.
  • ​Learn About The Chakras, so you can...<what it means for them>