Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H) with Amanda M Dodd

Feeling Drained?

Uncover the Root Cause with Soul Center Healing Hypnosis.

Do You Feel Like Something is Holding You Back?

General Feelings 

  • Feeling drained or unmotivated for no apparent reason.
  • Difficulty concentrating or feeling mentally foggy.
  • Unexplained emotional outbursts or mood swings.
  • Having a sense of negativity or heaviness that follows you.
  • Experiencing unexplained fatigue or difficulty sleeping.

Physical Sensations

  • Chronic pain, headaches, or digestive issues that resist traditional treatment.
  • Sudden changes in appetite or sleep patterns.
  • Unexplained noises or activity in your environment.
  • Feeling a presence or being touched when no one is around.
  • Intrusive thoughts

Relating & Life

  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships or feeling isolated.
  • Feeling called to a higher purpose but unsure how to access it.
  • Unexplained fears or phobias that limit your life.
  • Having recurring nightmares or feeling a sense of dread about the future.
  • Sabotaging your own success or feeling stuck in life patterns.

We begin with a consultation & interview, so that I can understand everything you are experiencing and wish to change!

​I will send you bonus meditations as well as supporting information to help you expand on your journey, with email support along the way.

Feel well prepared before your session with tips & tricks for hypnosis.

Plus a tech setup checklist for your optimal success!

​Sessions are recorded and files will be sent to you within 48 hours of the session(s).

Session: We will remove Entities, Dark parasites, Earthbound spirits, A.I, Implants and Black Magic. Energetic Tune up and Aura Re-seal. Then we rebuild and plug back in the energetic body so the physical body can begin the process of healing itself.

Explore Past Life Regression and Quantum connection with the Higher Self to answer life long questions and have personalized guidance on your life's challenges and actionable steps forward.

​Includes: After care support so that you can move forward with your life and stay fully sovereign.


This may change your life!  

Imagine a life where you feel lighter, more energized, and truly connected to your authentic self. Entity removal through SCHH can be a catalyst for long-lasting transformation. By addressing the root cause of negativity and blockages, you can experience a deeper sense of self-awareness, increased confidence, and a stronger connection to your intuition. This newfound clarity can empower you to build healthier relationships, manage stress more effectively, and experience greater overall well-being. Furthermore, SCHH can open doors to deeper spiritual growth, inner peace, and an expanded sense of consciousness. Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and joyful life?

Increased Energy & Vitality

  • Improved sleep quality and experience a greater sense of well-being
  • Feeling lighter and more energetic after the session.
  • More motivation, momentum, and zest for life

Emotional Release & Balance

  • Feeling a significant reduction in anxiety, depression, or negativity.
  • Improved relationships and increased capacity for love and joy.
  • Experiencing greater emotional stability and clarity.

Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Improved concentration and focus after the session.
  • Having a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.
  • Feeling sharper mentally and experiencing greater creativity.

Spiritual Growth & Connection

  • Feeling a deeper connection to their higher self and intuition.
  • Experiencing a stronger sense of self-awareness and spiritual connection.
  • Gaining insights from past lives that promote healing and growth.

Yes, I Want A More Joyful and Fulfilling Life!

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