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Are You Stuck? 

I can help you find your way through!

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Let's transform your challenges into choices and changes, I help beautiful souls overcome trauma, difficult self sabotaging patterns, and people pleasing empaths to become whole, vibrant, and confident, so that they can stand out, be of service and finally live the way they have dreamed of.  

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Archangel Chakra Clearing & Energy Revitalization Meditation

Give Me Your Best Email Address to Get the Archangel Chakra Clearing & Energy Revitalization Meditation.This meditation has stood the test of time, you will absolutely love it!! 



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Gentle, Subtle, Effective hypnosis gets to the roots

Hypnosis is a natural set of functions within the brain that you experience several times a day naturally.

Whether you opt for an in-person session or to work together virtually we will learn about the parts of you creating obstacles, pain, and the origins of behaviors you don't understand, like, and want to change.

With clarity comes opportunity to make those profound changes permanently now. Working with me to facilitate your session helps you to really explore the roots and inner challenges in ways that are not possible alone. My expertise and approach will help you feel safe, supported, and excited for change!

Session Styles Available!
- General Hypnosis, Quit Smoking/Vaping/Chewing, Loose Weight, Improve Sleep etc.
- Dream Analysis
- Regression, End Self Sabotage and Change Long Held Sub Conscious Beliefs
- Advanced Hypnosis, Resolve Fears & Phobias
- Past Life Regression
- Couples Past Life Regression
- QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis
- Life Between Lives
- Spirit Releasement
- Explore NDE {Near Death Experiences}
- Group Hypnosis 

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Breakthroughs and Clarity to help you take action

So often we are unclear, distracted, and don't make changes because we don't really know what we want and actually need, that's what makes coaching immensely valuable.

So many of my clients don't feel heard in life before sessions with me, they don't know how to express themselves in the ways that help them really get the things they want in life and to have those deeper intimacy relationships.

After coaching with me, my clients find and strengthen their voice, use it more effectively, assertively and confidently to go after and create the life they want most.

Breaking free from the habits, patterns, and beliefs that previously bound and constrained them.

- Breakthroughs
-Rise Up & Attain Your Goals
- Conquering Emotional Flashbacks
- Empath Empowerment
- Assertiveness & Authenticity
- Create Strong and Clear Communication Patterns
- Self Development
- Thinking Traps & Resilience Training
- NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
- IEMT (Integratl Eye Movement Therapy)

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Intuitive & Integrative Healing

Supportive and Soul Centered Modalities

A beautiful way to enhance your healing is to work with different modalities and approaches until you find the most accurate ways to connect with yourself.

When I began as a holistic practitioner it was not to support others, it was to support my own soul and challenges. Now I have accrued a wealth of knowledge and share my trauma informed approaches with others.

I want you to find and know what works for you in a way that is self-sustaining and empowering, for some of you that may mean learning some wonderful practices and integrating them into your daily living.

 Some of the modalities we can use together to deeply support, empower and make an impact in your life!

- Usui & Karuna Reiki
- Hypnotic Reiki
- Spiritual Development
- Mediumship Development
- Breathwork & Techniques for Calming the Nervous System
- Aromatherapeutic Support
- Emotion & Body Code
- EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
- Accessing Your Akashic Records

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Amanda M Dodd

From my own challenges into choices and changes!

When I first began, much of my training was for me, I intended to resolve my traumas, heal the parts of me that felt broken, and then if I managed to support others great!

When I sought Reiki training it was to support my exhausted, caregiver burned out system.

When I trained as a coach, it was to heal from Narcissistic Abuse, Complex PTSD, and a crippling desire to remain hidden and safe.

As I made my way through training and saw the transformations and effectiveness of the tools, I knew it couldn't be kept hidden anymore and that I would continue to learn as much as a I can and share it worldwide.

I'm a lifelong learner, it's a major part of who I am and the foundation of my practice, it is enhanced only by my personal experiences in life which have delivered a whole different set of skills which I gratefully share with you now.

As a proud spouse, happily married to a member of the military, special needs parent and advocate, trauma survivor, and thriver, I know that I have the skills and tools to help you meet your goals, move past your blocks, and into the life you desire!
Wishing you serenity and strength,
Amanda M Dodd


Growing together

Looking For a Public Speaker, Presenter, or Creative Way to Inspire?

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Self-Development and Spirituality Are Meant to Be Shared

Healing and spiritual awakening are meant to be done in community and in relation to others, share beautiful, cathartic healing sessions with colleagues, your corporate functions, your family and friends!

  • Do you want to share an experience... private group hypnotherapeutic meditations.
  • Open Minds... experience and access spiritual concepts easily and with support
  • Change Perspective... Go deeper within yourself for insights and resolution
  • Feel Empowered...  Finally give yourself permission to truly live!!!

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Trauma & Transcendence Podcast

Trauma & Transcendence Podcast


Proven Outcomes


"Amanda has a very soothing voice and great insight. I appreciate her easy going approach to things and her genuine desire to help and find additional suggestions that might help me reach my goals. She has such a diverse background and brings in great complimentary modalities into her sessions. I appreciate how respectful she is of preferences and potential triggers."

R.W on Hypnotherapy


"I recently experienced a breakthrough via Amanda’s Hypnotherapy service. During the intake session she took close note as to what my goals were and incorporated everything I wanted into the hypnotherapy meditation. Prior to the session i was struggling with PTSD episodes on a regular basis that were becoming debilitating. After listening to her meditation one time my episodes have ceased. I was also able to find answers that i was searching for that have been haunting me since birth.
I feel more empowered and have a natural need to self-advocate for myself when it’s appropriate. I feel fully supported and am able to make fearless choices for myself now. Investing in myself is my top priority and I am able to give myself permission to do so. This truly feels WONDERFUL.

Amanda is amazing to work with. Her extensive knowledge and training allowed me to feel safe enough to share with her what I was struggling with and what my goals were. The whole process was so worthwhile to me 🕊💯

M.E on Coaching & Hypnosis


"Amanda is amazing at what she does! Upon first meeting her, her energy is great. She helped me and my partner work through a lot of things both individually and together. She is great at slowing things down and putting them into a different perspective. Highly highly highly recommend her!"

H.F on Coaching

Podcasts & Talks


What's QHHT, IEMT and Hypnotherapy? Check out my brief interview with MysticMag.  Read More

I Saved You A Seat!

Here's What I've Been Up To. From virtual presentations, mind-expanding conversations, and meditations tune in and enjoy!

Unscripted Energy
Nora Knople & Pat Jones invited me to join in their weekly podcast where we riffed around with the random word of the week, this week was 'Miracle'. Was so much fun! Listen here on Spotify  Listen Here 

Hypnosis Hero with Jim Kellner, Brian Bay, and Shawn Kostiuk
I was a guest on Hypnosis Hero! We explored Mediumship, I facilitated a quick hypnosis demo that you can try, and did some readings. Listen To More  Listen To More

NATH-Virtual Retreat
I had the pleasure of presenting about 'Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Exploring Higher Consciousness'.  Listen To More

27° Sag - The Galactic Center
Kimla Dodds and I were talking about all things The Emotion Code! Learn about this modality and what it can do for you.  Listen To More

Ho'oponopono Hypnotherapeutic Meditation
Curious about what a Salt Cave Meditation with me is like? Here's a recent sample for you to enjoy.  Listen To More

27° Sag - The Galactic Center
Exploring Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, QHHT, Mediumship and all things spiritual with Kimla Dodds.  Listen To More

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Past Lives Journal

As I became a hypnotist and I received many of my own regressions I later regretted not having a place to capture and treasure my findings in a way that really preserved those details that mattered to me most. I wanted more than a scrapbook, something that would allow me to relive each life, each of the lessons and takeaways more deeply. That's what I have created for you here!


Healing Beyond Trauma

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Hypnotherapeutic Meditation

Forgiveness & Self Acceptance

Are you having a hard time creating more of what you want? Perhaps things go slowly, or don't seem to shift hardly at all?

This hypnotherapeutic meditation is for deep catharsis and release.

Blessings require space to arrive, we begin by clearing out the old, stale, and stagnant energies before inviting in the new!

In this Meditation, you will:

  • Experience Deep Relaxation, taking deep breaths, feel catharsis which brings a sense of ease.
  • Release Stagnant and Stale Energy, learn a method of clearing your energy at your convivence.
  • ​Create Space for Manifesting, discover new feelings of openness, acceptance, and self-compassion
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Hypnotherapeutic Meditation

Opening Your Clair Abilities & Mediumship Channel

This hypnotic meditation will help listeners to open to their natural psychic and intuitive abilities, to be able to fine-tune their mediumship senses with the support of their Guides and Angels. It's gentle, uplifting, and potent!

This can be used by individuals seeking to access, grow, strengthen, and empower their Clair abilities and mediumship. Can be used before readings, development groups, and practice. There is a very short induction using awareness with the breath, you are welcome to add your favorite relaxation techniques in front of it for a longer experience and session or use it as it is for a shorter more focused session.

If you are a spiritual seeker who simply wants to clear, heal, and develop their mediumship abilities you will gain so much from this hypnotherapy meditation. A wonderful idea is to play it from your phone or desktop with headphones on before practice and working with mediumship and clairvoyant skills. There are hypnotic suggestions to help you release, remove, and clear your chakras and energy, as well as ground and center. This is a powerful hypnotic mp3 to open your Mediumship abilities or strengthen your abilities!

If you are a Medium who hosts classes or circles, you are welcome to use this mp3 for your students as well as it's very potent! I kindly ask that you do reference your students to my shop to obtain their own copy.

Inside this Meditation, you will discover:

  • ​Active Natural Psychic Abilities, Feel supported by your Angels & Guides
  • Heighten Intuition, Fine tune your senses, be more naturally centered and grounded.
  • ​Develop Your Mediumship Channel, I help you set your vibration, and open the door.
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Hypnotherapy Induction Script

Chakra Energy Induction

Help clients or practice self-hypnosis with this induction script to practice visualization and open up Clair abilities, and induce hypnosis, gently, and effectively.

Feel clear, and centered, and learn to make energetic adjustments as desired.

Contains suggestions for relaxation, deep breathing, and releasing tension.

Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Read To Use, script is 704 words long, pages at 11 font size, comes as a word document, and pdf formats.
  • Gentle and Relaxing, slowly and easily help clients or yourself shift into a deeper state of consciousness.
  • ​Learn About The Chakras, so you can...<what it means for them>